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  1. Why are you married to someone with control issues at 19?

    You are your own person. You aren’t a piece of property.

    Reflect on what you’d like out of a relationship and if you would be happy with his control long term.

  2. You need to get tested for std/i's right now and again in 6 months.

    She sounds unstable, the father sounds unhinged. If you suspect he was having her have sex with you, that's sex trafficking, please report it.

  3. So, knowing she wanted and values marriage, you got your partner pregnant despite having no desire for marriage yourself? After 3.5 years?

    Poor girl.

  4. Get the couch were middle seat folds down it has drink holders phone charger place for remote.

    Saves stress and fighting theres no place to tuck glasses or mugs except in holders.

    Cuddle time lift it up and there is middle section and you can cuddle or stretch out. We have one and we swear by the style.

  5. He’s lying. I don’t know what your finances are like but I think this is a notice from the universe you need to get your house in order. Even if you don’t leave today, if you’re not working, find some thing you can do at home start a business do something. I don’t know what your financial circumstances are like that hears something my friend that actually work.

    She went to her bank accounts and took out half the money, but she was entitled to put it in an account where he couldn’t get at it. Then she went to an attorney and had divorce papers drawn up. She also got all the evidence together what she had, and from now on you look for evidence. And she packed him a bag, and when he came home from work, she had somebody with her and she said these are divorce papers And you need to leave our home for the next month and decide if you want your family because I will not online like this. And she said I have evidence here that I could divorce today so you have one month to decide what you’re doing. And he took his bag and left. She also change the locks on the door. So I wouldn’t be going in and out. And they reconciled they’re together still. It doesn’t work for everybody and if you guys are really limited on funds, then I would make that a priority to get your money together because she have children. Oh, also get past custody arrangement, strong up when you get the divorce papers drive up paying for

  6. Virginity can be defined in many ways. I think it’s when you penetrate a women and that foreplay doesn’t count.

  7. As someone with a vagina, I don’t think she’s even a liar. You can like multiple things at the same time (especially when it comes to sexual stuff), it’s crazy you’re so insecure you had to test if she could actually be attracted to you. Which obviously if she was dating you she was, women rarely date men they’re not attracted to, but in those cases they have a good personality which it appears you don’t.

  8. You should go to Al Anon, it's for family members of alcoholics and will give you an understanding of the psychology of what she's doing here, and the tools to react.

    Right now she's mad she got caught / punished. She's not thinking about the “why” you did what you did, or the genuine fear you had as a result of her behavior- anger tends to override any potential for feeling empathy. Addicts always think they're in charge, they can control themselves, stop whenever they want, and whatever damage they've done isn't that big of a deal or it's not like she actually burned the house down. That's why things like taking away their alcohol, or taking away their credit cards is actually enabling behavior- you're just supposed to let the addict do their thing, and suffer their own consequences without helping them out of the holes they dig for themselves.

    A fundamental life style change is going to be essential for her sobriety. Even understanding if your marriage can get back on track is probably going to only be possible with marriage counseling, and continued substance abuse counseling for her beyond the minimum a court is going to require.

    You must be feeling pretty terrible- but you are not the bad guy. You were at a wits end and trying the last thing you could think of to save her life and possibly someone else's life.

    She may never make it to the “amends” step of sobriety, she might even still be drinking. You might say something like “yes, I am taking space. But please let me know if you'd like to pursue marriage counseling to see if we can get our marriage back on track, or let me know if you'd like to look at different options.”

    She may not stop drinking, she might not stop drinking and driving even, she may destroy your marital home, she may never get to the empathy or apology stage. You might always be the bad guy in her head- but ride that broom knowing you tried to do the right thing with getting her help and take good care of yourself.

  9. He has told me in the past that it’s selfish if I have him to stop watching porn because he needs a release and we can go months without having sex

  10. If the truth is so dark it would destroy you and your dad, then perhaps that’s why she’s reacting like this and not spilling the beans. Have you considered that? Have you considered how harsh it is that you are criticising her for saying nothing when actually she could be protecting you from something far worse even though it means destroying her life.

    Perhaps she is so traumatised from what happened she can’t even begin to speak about it. Mental health conditions such as split personality disorder have a link with trauma and so you shouldn’t judge her inability to speak about this as meaning she is guilty.

    You describe her as such a happily married woman, do you really think an affair is really the likely scenario?

    I would ask her gently in a way that indicates that you would believe her – because many assault victims are terrified of not being believed.

    Maybe you could say:

    “Mum, I have been thinking about this and how happy you have always seemed with Dad and how much you are struggling with this. It seems so unlikely that you had an affair… we’re you assaulted mum? Please tell me and maybe we can work through this together. Or you can speak to someone else, a counsellor or something if you don’t want to speak to me but I’m just desperate to know what is going on with you. I love you.”

  11. She’s my soulmate though. We’ve been through so much. I helped her through so many things. I’ve been her biggest supporter and built her up.

  12. One of the worst things your can do with a partner is undermind/not appreciate their sacrifice and effort for the long term health the relationship.

    Considering the post and what we know, I don't think OP EVER thanked and appreciated her husband after he turned around for the better since the post feels a lot like “me, me and me”. It is a selfish, manipulative and vile act to do with a partner. It results in a loss of trust and confidence and will lead to a break up.

    OP's husbad is terrified of her; that she'll leave for someone better if he fucks up again.

    This guy deserves better

  13. Yea this whole thread feels very sl*t-shaming to me.

    I don’t /care/ about how many people my partner has slept with – but I do think it’s bizarre people tend to combust when they find out their partners weren’t holy virgins lying in wait before meeting them.

  14. I know ot sucks, and I actually can't pretend to know how naked it would be, but it sounds like the best thing for you to do is leave. Your dad is controlling your life and it's not just or fair and given his willingness to threaten and intimidate, he's clearly not safe. He's emotionally and financially abusing you and everyone else he can, and he's venturing into physical threats or at least implied physical threats.

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