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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Just because he says it’s unintentional doesn’t mean it’s unintentional.

    Does that make sense to you? You seem to be having trouble understanding anything beyond what’s written in front of you.

  2. Protect your peace. If leaving and staying elsewhere helps YOU, then go. You already know how the visit will go…him begging you for money constantly. Spare yourself the headache and him guilting you into giving him money AGAIN. Protect your peace.

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  4. Start asking people if they want your opinion or information before you share it, some might, many won’t and that’s ok. I was once in your shoes and it’s helped a lot!

  5. As a person who has clinical depression, what do you think is the best way to say this to my fiancé? I really appreciate your advice. My fiancé’s family all take their emotions out on each other, so I don’t think my fiancé realizes how unhealthy it can be, or how it can be kinder to hold their emotions back for the people they love.

  6. It only took about 6 months or so for me, but my step son (6 at the time) was picking on me & Hub said “hey, hey . . . You better stop messin with my wife!”

    & that little Denis the Menace apprentice said “I can mess with her if I want, she’s MY MOM!!!!”

    I d*mn near burst into tears on the spot. It’s a moment you don’t forget. 3 years later, he still calls me by my nickname for the most part, but if he’s talking about me to others, “that’s my mom!”

    He’s very close with his bio mom of course, and even she’ll refer to me as his “other mom”.

    So You don’t tell her anything. You simply love her & you be her dad — she can have as many as she wants. Her father is lucky she has you there for her when he can’t be.

  7. Just move out. It's not even clear if your name's on the lease/mortgage or they're just letting you camp out there. But obviously your lifestyle choices don't meld with theirs. So go find a place where you can do as you please without disturbing them.

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