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Date: October 1, 2022

15 thoughts on “Sara-funn online sex chats for YOU!

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  2. This might not be the problem you think it is.

    It actually might be a lot worse.

    Does he defer to her judgment a lot? Does she like you, treat you well, or does she undermine your relationship, even a little bit, or in ways that your bf can’t or refuses to see?

    Because I’m order for your relationship to work, and for living together to be a happy venture, you two need to be on the same page. Even if you have different ideas about life in general, your relationship can be complementary and great, but living together requires the same outlook on some things, including independent thinking, money management, and chores.

    Has he always intended to save up before moving in with you? If yes, are you the one who is just trying to alter the plan to suit your perspective of how things “should be?”

    Because I agree that having 30k saved up from a job he hasn’t even started yet is an overly cautious approach, and it means waiting at least a year. On the other hand though, if you’re not good with money management in the real world, that year might make a difference between starting the rest of your life off really well, and moving back home in 18 months, after breaking up.

    Having some savings is the smartest thing to do. Not sure that 30k each is necessary, though.

    So the information you’ve given could go either way, honestly.

    Either there’s no good reason to wait, meaning his mother is incredibly controlling and he’s ok with it, which does not say anything good about your future (see r/justnomil for stories you might see her in) or…there’s a good reason to wait, and you’re ignoring it.

    What’s your reasoning here?

  3. “says she doesn’t want to lose me.”

    There's something she doesn't want to lose all right….. that something is your money. If she really loved you then she never would've lied to you or cheated and the fact she has repeatedly done both is proof she doesn't love you in the slightest.

    Ignore the crocodile tears and dump her, you'll be much happier in the long run without someone like her ruining things for you.

  4. I would text him the screenshots and then say, ” Your bio says that you're single, which wasn't accurate. Let's rectify that.”

  5. She needed some validation because other men don't want to stick with her but you do. She got you rehooked.

  6. It's also assault. Possibly sexual assault, I'm not sure, but tampering with birth control is a very serious offense. He could be in jail, let alone staying in this relationship or around the kids.

  7. She is the same person you have known and loved

    Umm, is that the person who had an illicit 6 month affair where she practically lived with an other guy not even 8 months after getting married, or are we talking about some other woman here?

    You do know that this is the same person that OP married.

  8. Some guys just don't like doing that and have aversion or not. I only like it when its clean shaven some guys don't care, just really depends.

    describing it like a “tomato” in texture is weird to me its nothing like that. He should just say he doesn't like to do that.

    Unless it makes him sick though (like gagging no one wants that) he should be willing to try for your benefit that is what relationships are about. Doesn't sound very “giving” here.

  9. Me neither.

    Weird people telling OP to leeeeeaaave without actually knowing if that guy even told the truth?!

    I know that at one time I had been made a bad reputation which I did NOT deserve!

    As one guy I had been dating (chaste kisses allowed, but no paws up my shirt and nothing else!) had boasted about more than what ever happened!

    Who knows if that guy wasn't one of those she had rejected?

    Also: judging somebody for not telling your sex memories… whose idea is that?

    That's childish and immature.

  10. I would suggest counseling.

    Or ending the relationship. Unless you're ok dealing with this forever.

  11. We spoke to him, turns out she was manipulating him for days into acting like a double spy. He has (unspecified diagnosis), meaning he's prone to manipulation, so he didn't realize what Sally's intentions were. Basically she was trying to get him to gather all this negative information about my partner, speak on her behalf so she wouldn't have to, and interrogate people. She was making him a scapegoat, the person to blame if anyone ever figured out that what she was actually doing (i updated on the main post)

  12. Pack up his crap before he gets back and put it in a storage unit. Send him the address and lock combo and tell him he has one month to get it from storage because you're not paying for more than that. Then get a restraining order.

  13. If she cant (or won't) give you the name of the person saying these things, that person probably doesn't exist.

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