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  2. 1 is “if you are in town, you should visit this restaurant”

    2 is “if you are in the state/province, you should visit this restaurant”

    3 is “if you are in this country, you should visit this restaurant”

    generally speaking

  3. That’s weird! And you are only a month in and already feeling insecure, this is suppose to be the honeymoon stage. He belongs to the streets.

  4. The great news here is that it seems you're all in a position to have a mature and pragmatic discussion to figure out what's appropriate for the situation.

    To answer the question, it can't be answered as a blanket statement. Let's start by focusing on the property; what kind of place is it? What's private? What's shared? With no context, if we're to assume something like a 2BR apartment, while I'd tend to lean your way, the fact that they're sharing a bedroom (as opposed to having two even if both aren't used) means that they individually get less private space. However, all common areas would logically be used equally. As such, maybe something like 60/40 would be more appropriate, but we also have to consider the size of the bedrooms.

    Utilities are where it's a bit more black and white. You all use electric. You all use wifi. You all use water. That should be 2/3.

  5. Your bf’s hard budget doesn’t seem reasonable, given what it seems you both have in mind.

    It’s really frustrating to plan these kinds of things with a person who’s not a planner and who seems to believe that everything will magically work out.

    Your only options aren’t good ones. I’m sure you have talked to him about all of this, but you need to insist that he come up with a solution that fits the budget. This isn’t just your problem.

    You can ask your bf to spend the next week searching for a venue himself. If he does it himself, he will see that the budget isn’t possible. He needs to be the one to find a solution. The trouble with this is that you can’t make anyone do anything, and it’s unlikely that he’ll actually do this because he thinks it will all just work out.

    Another option is to tell him that you can’t afford to host 40 people, and so you need to cut the guest list by 20 people. Sit down with him and ask him who he wants to exclude.

    You need to insist that he become hands-on in the planning since he seems to not fully grasp the impossibility of the budget.

  6. OP said that early in the relationship they discussed sexual pasts. That was her opportunity to fess up that she slept with some of her male friends. She didn't have to get into specifics but it's common courtesy to tell him if you're going to still hang out with these men.

  7. Sometimes it’s just talk. The idea is exciting the actual doing it it’s not so do not rush into that. Maybe just work with the excitement that talking about it brings. The things I watch on porn my husband thinks I want to do I do not. I want to see them on porn. I think that’s exciting but I don’t wanna try them.

  8. Yes. I've gone out of my way to learn about his interests in order to hold conversations about them, and I try to never talk down about them. I've also pushed him to participate in his hobbies more since he didn't have those opportunities when he was younger. Which is exactly what I would want from a partner.

  9. There is nothing I you need to do. You suck at technology… he broke up with you… you tried to use technology and when you got back together, technology mistakes were made.

    If anything, the entire issue sounds rooted in him not knowing what the fuck he wants, so he should stop sulking about an error/reminder that you were going to move on after a decision that he had made.

  10. I don’t think so, although I do aspire to work out more. I have been to doctor visits and nothing was mentioned about unhealthy weight.

  11. Now I’m starting to think my insecurities are actually the issue. I also think it’s unfair to say that because i has childhood “abuse” I should not have relationships or be married. I admit going to the strip bar maybe wasn’t the best, but now I Agee with everyone, the strip bar shouldn’t have been a priority, I should be the priority.

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