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Date: October 4, 2022

19 thoughts on “Scarlettward online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Stay firm on what you want. Bf has not cut the apron strings. This could be insight on how life will be once the baby is born. Set those boundaries now. I would suggest you seek out prenatal classes. Check with your hospital. Dont rely on non professional advice

  2. It bothers you that she has done things that you have because you do not view her as your equal. You need to change this perspective of your partner

  3. Have you talked to her about your concerns?

    Whose idea was it for a third? Do you get something out of it? Finally if you think you will lose her you should talk to her about your concerns

  4. Get a vasectomy NOW. You say you'd be ok, but how could you be ok with a child your wife forced upon you with zero regard for your feelings. You say she's not mentally unbalanced, but I disagree. Her insistence on suddenly acting like you guys are in your 20's again and demanding you “give her a baby” without regard for practical reality screams crazy to me.

    She sounds cruel, selfish and manipulative. She'll try to trap you with another child for sure. Don't let her.

    Have you considered moving on and just explaining to her you want different things and letting her pursue her baby fantasy alone while you go on about your life? If you're well off you could walk away with enough to start a nice new life with maybe a new, exciting girlfriend who wants to travel etc like you do. No need for hatred. People grow apart.

  5. As long as he is interested in your feelings or wants to improve in your eyes then there is probably some value in staying. From the first time to yesterday though, he was hiding it and being dishonest. I don't know if it was 4 years or what but I would have a hard time trusting someone that did that.

    Without knowing his kink, we have to go with what you said: Sexting. I would'nt put up with it.

  6. Girl you said yourself, you KNOW what the answer is! Don’t you think it’s weird you haven’t met his friends? There’s a reason for that. It’s because he’s seeing other people and doesn’t want to get his circles mixed up. He wants to have his cake and eat it too — never owe you anything or never be accountable for his actions but still fuck you and have fun. He keeps on coming back because you keep letting him back in. I guarantee you this guy brags to his friends about all these girls he’s sleeping with who are loyal to him but he dogs whoever he wants.

  7. “I didn’t want to force her” do you need some Reddit gold for that little tidbit? should we be grateful? YTA

  8. You are NOT worthless! You’re making it in a shitty world! He? Is not. He’s just camped your comfy life, and the longer he’s there, the more he’ll take from you without giving you anything back but his Dick.

    Repeat after me: Dick is abundant & of Low Value.

    You, however, are a helluva catch, and maybe should step it up- date a man or three that is at least as successful as you! Maybe it will feel a little intimidating, but that’s a good sign!

    He’s dragging you down, making you feel this way because you always have to be the adult. Nope.

    Set him free, tell him it’s a gift.

  9. Honey, please “listen” to what I'm about to tell you… there are MANY kinds of abuse! Just because you don't have any broken bones or bruises doesn't mean that you aren't in an abusive relationship.

    You've ONLY been in a relationship with this BOY for TWO years, married for ONE! You should STILL be in your “honeymoon” phase. YOU have an incredibly difficult schedule with everything that's on your plate and you asking for a more equal division of household chores is NOT too much to ask!

    The fact that your HUSBAND went straight to D-I-V-O-R-C-E because you asked him for more help suggests to me that he wants you to be his new Mommy! So he wants to blame YOU for daring to even ASK for more help, because let's face “the elephant in the room,” it's what HIS Mother has always done.

    Ask yourself, WHAT is your husband actually bringing to your relationship? You are doing THREE full-time jobs… you work, you go to school full-time and handle the majority of the chores. You gave up going to your DREAM school. You SAY your husband has done the same for you… WHAT has he given up for you? What COMPRISES has he made to accommodate YOU and your heavy schedule? Buying flowers IS a nice gesture but is it a genuine show of affection and appreciation or is it more of a “boy, I really screwed the pooch this time and need to make up for it” purchase?

    Honey, this MAN told you straight-up that HE DIDN'T LOVE YOU! That's NOT what a normal husband says unless he truly means it or is trying to REALLY hurt you! I think he realized after he went upstairs that he DID fuck up badly. He has a Mommy who takes care of him, contributes to the household bills while maintaining an incredibly difficult schedule AND he gets to “sleep” with her.

    If you STILL want to try salvaging your relationship and you can't get into in-person therapy and couples counseling there IS telehealth counseling available. If you need you could probably do ZOOM sessions from separate rooms, but PLEASE don't stay because he's unstable because it's starting to sound manipulative.

    Your FIRST indication that something is SERIOUSLY wrong is the fact that your skin crawls when he touches or attempts intimacy with you. That is your subconscious telling you you DON'T trust him anymore! Once that happens it's VERY difficult to get past it!

    I (59/f) think you need to separate, put some distance between the two of you and DEEPLY reflect upon your relationship dynamic. I think you'll realize that there are MORE red flags that you've made yourself ignore or sweep under the rug. When HIS selfishness starts to negatively affect your studies and work then you should start to question if your husband is trying to SABOTAGE your future earning ability! My Daughter's BabyDaddy did this and she finally realized how unhealthy the relationship actually WAS!


  10. Great!! But one quick question. What should I talk to him about… Why he’s been acting like this lately? Ive tried asking him that and he just says, “Cause there’s nothing to say.” or “How would you expect me to respond?”

  11. Wow, this feels like it was written by me. The only thing is my husband hasn't taken me back. He's going on deployment and said he will file the paperwork once he is back. I wish I had advice for you, but I just wanted to say I'm going through the same thing. It hurts so much and I don't know how to feel. So many mixed emotions.

  12. Wow. I told my 10 year old I had a uti once and he said sorry mom drink more water. It's sad a 10 yr old has more empathy than a grown man. Also try boric acid. It's the only thing that's kept them away for me. I used to be the uti queen. After sex pop one up there and you are good to go.

  13. If you think you two could have a future then I would tell him, but also let him know your decision. How he is with that info will let you know the long term potential you both have.

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