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  1. Fair enough. If that works for you, then great. I just know I couldn’t. Zero judgement here but I just couldn’t.

  2. Update: her and the best friend aren’t on speaking terms because the girl I like is so mad over the best friend being friends with me.

    I told the best friend to choose the girl if she had to make a choice.

    She told me she wasn’t going to choose because it’s high school shit and we’re grown

  3. OP a kind gesture doesn't take much. I dated my husband for Years before we got married and we were both broke ass students.

    And even early into marriage being a young married couple starting out u don't have much.

    But i literally made him hand made cards as childish as tht is lol

    Or made him a nice dinner at home and he would plan picnic dates in the park or once he lost his job close to my birthday and i didn't expect a gift but he planned a movie date and decorated our lounge with lights and got some of my fav snacks for us to share.

    Being kind and thoughtful to a partner doesn't need money it just needs care.

    The fact he could prioritize a secret santa instead of getting her something small and actually think of the fact his GF needed a gift too is bullshit and you deserve better.

    Men who are selfish like this do not make good husband's or fathers i tell you.

  4. Have him go to r/askdocs for more info if he wants. You can't force him to do the surgery. Talk to him out of concern. Do research with him. But do not force him to do the surgery.

  5. asked if my mom could do a big pile of laundry for her because her washer is acting weird.

    That's really rude. Your mother is not a maid. Are there no laundromats in Florida?

  6. I’ll be honest. I stopped reading after

    We’ve agreed previously that if I ask him to stop three times he will

    The first bright red flag was “he likes to wind people up”. The second one was “he’s doing that to our toddler”. Quote above was the third strike.

    This is abusive. It’s manipulative and cruel. It’s a fucking power play to make sure you and your child know your place.

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