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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Right, even in our worst arguments (usually only when we are tired and anxious or stressed about something bad), we might shout at each other or at worst slam a door, but we never call each other names or say horrible things like I see all the time on here. To me, once you call someome else a demeaning name, the basic respect of the relationship is just gone and you should not be together anymore.

  2. She’s lying about number 1. They met up just to make out, then go home? Don’t make me laugh ? she’s done dude, not worth a SECOND more of your time. Get rid of her ASAP and let her go be with one of the guys she cheated on you with.

    Seriously, take the advice from us redditors here who are looking at this from a 3rd person perspective.

  3. I guess many of us grow up learning we MUST deal with stuff on our own and it takes a lot to break that habit. But… it's also not cool to leave someone concerned unnecessarily, so perhaps you could talk about that. Like, say you don't need to be in every moment of her business, but you need a thumbs up or whatever every day or so. Or an understanding that if it's really serious she'll say so…

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  5. Let him be good at games. You be good at being you. Without him.

    He’s already said he’s emotionally out, and right now you’re wasting mental energy on a boy who isn’t worth it. You will find love, just not with him. You can never look at potential in a man. You have to assume they will not change a thing. You’ll know it’s love if you don’t want any changes made.

  6. You’re a good guy to pick her up. I’m sorry she still comes to you after she hurt you. You obviously deserve better. If she has family or other friends who would help her, maybe next time call them to help her? You are allowed to break up, and she needs to respect your boundaries, drunk or not. Best of luck man!

  7. Try building your confidence based on other things than your looks. You wouldn't want to appear shallow now would you.

  8. So you were 18 when he was 32, and who knows how long y’all have been chatting before the relationship.

    Tell him you’re done with being groomed and you’re going to start your own life now, he had no business being with you in the first place. He should’ve thought about his living arrangements before dating a teenager.

    Take care of yourself!

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