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  1. Love, there was no “honeymoon phase” here. Just a 14 years old edge lord stuck in the body of a 25 years old and a woman who has not figured out if the man is a sociopath or just a “normal” asshole ,and thinks she need to find out because that clearly will make this bullshit okay if he has a diagnostic.

  2. Oh, I know I deserve the whole thing! lol It's not that I think I don't deserve it though, more so that I don't wish to risk losing what I have now. Regardless of what I mean to him, he means a great deal to me. And I don't want to jeopardize that if I'm not confident that he feels the same way back.

    I hear that a lot- that the notion of somebody being “out of your league” is a falsehood. I guess I just don't subscribe to that school of thought. Like attracts like. And though that's not with 100% certainly, it is more likely than not. He's got a successful career, his work is known all over the world, he travels all over the world doing art show and exhibitions, he's good looking, he's fit/takes care of himself… I couldn't be more different. I'm fat (literally, I am 300+ pounds), ugly- I am a woman with a full-grown beard and mustache; I shave every morning but still have permanent 5 o'clock shadow because the hair is so dark. I don't have my life together… at all. I am emotionally immature and unstable. I have no career. Just a lowly job where I feel miserable, unhappy, unappreciated, and I'm giving serious thoughts to leaving. I can barely afford to even pay rent, I have no savings of any kind. I am not the kind of person any man of sane mind would be proud to have on his arm, or flashing around town. I quite literally have nothing to offer.

    He is absolutely, 100%, without question, out of my league, lol I really doo appreciate your kindness on that though. Perhaps I do sell myself short in some ways, but I am a realist. People have standards and I fall far short of what any rational-minded person would or should accept for themselves.

    As for the comment about how older men feel they are perceived… I find it interesting you mentioned that, and think I will look into it more, thank you for bringing it up. I have a great interest in all things psychology, especially what drives us, and how we view ourselves, and would like to know more about this. I know that for myself, sex doesn't matter so much. I'm more interested in a person's (his) mind, and heart. Men, however, are less driven emotionally and more sexually, physically. And I simply don't have that physical attractiveness to offer.

  3. I think he needs proper mental health support. That sounds more like he's falling into an ED rather than just a bit of insecurity around his appearance

  4. Regardless of whether he’s honestly forgetful or something more nefarious like gaslighting is going on, his reaction is not acceptable. Shaking with rage, yelling and swearing at you isn’t an ok way to speak to you.

  5. Wasn't she like this when you met her?

    You have to find yourself someone else, you are not in a position to interfere in her life

    If you need to change people, you have to change yourself.

  6. and he said see you later.

    so confusing, nothing he said or did indicates he wants to see I can understand why you are confused

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