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  2. I see why you’re frustrated. Half a year isn’t too long especially when you’re not seeing her very often but the thing you said about her never initiating dates speaks volumes. Does she even consider you her boyfriend? Would she care if you ended it tomorrow? It’s time for her to fight for this relationship. I would advise against giving her an ultimatum but maybe go ghost on her and make her reach out and put in the effort. Or just cut her loose and maybe y’all can get back together later if she decides she’s ready to put in the bare minimum effort to maintain a romantic relationship

  3. It's not necessarily that they wouldn't find you attractive or anything, but it's that there is too much of an experience and maturity gap there for most people. People in their 30s usually want someone fully developed, established, and mature because they aren't open to playing games or casual things anymore, but people in their early 20s aren't really at that point, yet.

  4. It's because this sub is ridiculously sexist against men. So naturally the woman can't be wrong, must be that the evil man made her do it.

  5. I had an ex like this. He treated booze like it was meth (parole, he couldn’t do meth so he substituted it until he was off- and yes, I know I picked a real winner) and would go on 3 day drinking binges with maybe 4 hours of sleep during that time. He would reappear back home, pass out for a few hours and wake up and grab the very hot bottle of tequila from the headboard and start taking shots. This was a cycle repeated at least once a week after we had been seeing one another for several months. He swore he would get sober every single time.

    Spoiler alert: he didn’t. Ever. And guess what? Yours won’t either until he wants to. Don’t tie yourself to an alcoholic at your age… it will never be worth it.

  6. It’s absolutely fair for him to continue to pay his share of the rent. By the time you incurred moving expenses (deposits, etc) you’d be out a chunk of money for his convenience.

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