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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. I think you have totally figured it out.

    That is very kind of you to think of not being selfish but you have to, on this one. He has been selfish since the very beginning and you know it. His needs, his wants. He doesn't care about you as long as he has what he desires.

    Staying friend with him is not a good idea. Whenever he'll need something he will come back to you, and your feelings for him might betray you and please him. Then he'll just leave again, leaving you with your self-confidence wrecked.

    Trust me you have to close this book and block him.

    By the way, it's just a thought, but if tomorrow you were to move to his state and whereabouts, I'm pretty sure he would magically regain interest in you 🙂 because he could have more than he's had yet (cf: sex). But then he would just throw you away when he'll have enough.

    He doesn't care for you, dump him. No friends.

  2. Don't get me wrong, your Husband pulling this the day before the wedding is definitely not a good look but that was 11 years ago now and so long as he has been faithful the entire marriage, Im not of the opinion of “just leaving him” I think this is possibly repairable seeing as how you've even offered to let him sleep around and he doesn't even want to. That all being said.. That is only if you can truly get past this. If you can't than you don't deserve to life like that!

    All Im trying to get at is it sounds like your husband does love the shit out of you. I did things when I was 20 that I'd never do now that I'm in my 30s. When I was 20 I let my little head make most of my decisions. I only use the big head now. People can and do change as they get older and mature.

    Your “friend” on the other hand absolutely did this to you on purpose. Her life and marriage has failed and yours flourished and she is jealous of it. She wants you to be miserable or wants to try and have your life. No one.. NO ONE keeps messages that long without some sort of motive. I would cut her from your life today.

    The choice is yours here but I don't think your marriage isn't fixable and it does sound like you have a loving husband who is willing to do whatever it takes to help you both get through this!! I wish you the best of luck!!

  3. This has got to be a joke…OP can't be this stupid. You don't talk to her about this or actually maybe you do that way she can see what an asshole you are and she get rid of you quicker. She gained 10 pounds so what she weighs 113? She is tinny! She needs to find someone that isn't this shallow!

  4. I'm agreeing with everyone else here because I'm bisexual and I was married for 25 years and not once did I ask my husband to allow me to be with a woman. Cheating is cheating …it doesn't matter the person's sex.

    I also would like to know if the man hes talking to is bisexual as well. Because if he is, you might want to ask your husband how he feels about you sleeping with his new friend. I mean if he wants to do the equivalent of opening up the relationship, then you might as well open it up all the way, and you get to have other sexual partners as well. Otherwise it isn't really fair, is it? You also need to explain to your husband that it's not up to you to tell him not to do this, he should want to do whatever won't hurt you. He knows that being with another man while you 2 are married is going to hurt you and he doesn't really seem to care. I think that's what needs to be addressed with him.

  5. Have you tried looking at adult stores live? They have numbing cream that you can apply to your penis before sex to help you last longer. My fiancé used to take those gas station pills before sex and I think it fucked him up a bit because now it's more difficult to get an erection so I DONT recommend those. However you can go to and look at products they have on there or even get a low dose of viagra.

  6. you seem to just be posting the same reply to everyone. I'm not sure why you are here but let me tell you think

    You do not love Copper

    Love is an action, a verb. Love does not allow or enable or enact violence

  7. Hahahahahaha, I was reading your post and thinking “that just sounds like a lot of people” Then I read everyone saying it could be medical, so I figured no one would want to hear me out even though it being medical sound over the top to me.

    But yeah, he's probably just like a lot of people who never spent time on introspection. And he's probably scared to disagree with you.

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