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  1. So I have been trying to write for several minutes now, I was 18 and was convinced into a relationship with a guy over 30. Then I fell in love with another one. What this people are saying in this comments is absolutely right. Get out of there before it's too late.

    You might think you are stuck, but if you have no kids yet, there is no reason to be stuck. Do everything it takes. Give him excuses to not meet. Intentionally meet with friends and make plans. Get 2 jobs if you can, or change your schedule to never be available. I would even sell the car, even if you buy another one a month later. Eventually you'll see he is only there because there is something he can gain $$$ with this relationship, not because of love.

  2. Do NOT, and I cannot stress this enough, go back to him OP. Save your evidence, get a lawyer, file for divorce.

  3. Every once in a while something happens that changes everything about what you thought your life would be. Having an unexpected child is one of them.

    The good news is that your fiance was already aware of the situation and that you were tested. That makes things easier, as she won't have to absorb so many surprises all at once.

    Now it's a matter of working things out with the mother in terms of support, visitation, etc. and also with your fiance. These are things you two need to discuss. She needs to decide if she is really on-board with this new life plan before you two get married. Now that a child is involved, a whole lot of things have changed. Not just your life, but hers.

    If there was EVER a time to be as open and honest as possible, this is it.

  4. update: I have spoken with my mother about it (not all the specific details) but she sat me down and told me that i didn’t look happy anymore. I’ve already been a very upbeat person so when she mentioned that the light/ spark in my eyes are is missing and it makes her sad and worries her. I think it’s time I let him go but i get a sharp pain in my chest whenever i think of telling him and living without someone I thought i was going to spend the rest of my life with it’s s a pain i don’t know if i can’ bare.

  5. It'd be one thing if you were a virgin, saving yourself for marriage or “the right time” or something. I could go months without sex…maybe even longer…for a virgin. But for my significant other to clearly have no qualms about the act of sex itself, yet still deny ME for weeks and months at a time when we're supposed to be in an intimate relationship?

    That's gonna be a dealbreaker for 9999 men out of 10000.

    The problem here is NOT that your boyfriend has a high sex drive. The fact that he waits weeks or months for you to give him some affection proves that. The problem is that you have almost NO sex drive. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing in and of itself I suppose but this is gonna be a problem for all your future romantic relationships. Unless you find a guy with as little sex drive as you, I guess. But good luck with that.

    Ultimately he did the right thing here. He wants to be with someone who is turned on by him and wants him the same way he wants them. You're not capable of giving him that need.

    I respect him for refusing your offer. He doesn't want to give him sex out of some sense of obligation. Like it's a chore for you. He wants you to want him the same way he wants you. You've shown him that you clearly don't want him that way. You've shown him he does not arouse you in the least. You've made him feel like he has to extort you or beg you to give him any pleasure and like it's some gross sacrifice for you to do it.

    Maybe that's exactly what it is for you. In which case you may need to figure out why that is, if you intend to have a successful marriage someday.

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