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Date: September 25, 2022

18 thoughts on “Sonyaparker live sex chats for YOU!

  1. This doesn’t sound promising. She’s made it clear she’s not willing to do the work to be what you think of as a family. You seem willing to compromise by living in 2 places so she doesn’t have to be bothered with your kid then she raises the bar by wishing you and your ex never had her (I don’t know what else to think she meant by her comment). Unless your daughter has serious behavioral issues, your partner seems to be very uncompromising and wants everything her way. I think willingness to be reasonable is key to a happy and successful partnership and I’m not getting that vibe here.

  2. Don’t go. If you can’t afford it then don’t put yourself in more stress just to celebrate one day. It’s not worth it. If he doesn’t understand then he’s not the right person for you.

  3. Also known as “being a toxic parent”. Some parents just genuinely hate their kids and even if they do nothing wrong.

  4. I am I love my children more than anything! And he doesn’t deserve them because he’s a narcissist and a lier. I don’t want him corrupting them! He’s a monster and they shouldn’t think following his narcissist example is ok because it isn’t. I’m just trying to protect them from him

  5. Research finds that texting triggers the same emotional part of the brain as face to face. Further, researchers found that texting creates a false sense of familiarity and an emotional bond (leading to love).

    You are currently sharing her with another man. It's a contest neither you or any partner can win because the other man is pure fantasy ( he's perfect in her mind).

    Love is not a solid reason to tolerate emotional abuse. You are being abused. You deserve a partner that is 100% committed to you (she's not). Love yourself first.

  6. My mom was treated badly by my dad. I come from a persian background…so my dad did things no one would approve of

  7. I meant NOT getting spanked at the table. Oy.

    Oh, and bring a green bean casserole or something. I'm making chicken.

  8. At least you got a laugh, I've had to throw away the bed sheets that we used because I don't think a wash could ever remove that smell. Bought a bunch of “house perfume” don't know the English word for it, and my windows are open all the time

  9. This is how people end up in unfulfilling marriages with a piece on the side. One should want a partner who fulfills you spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

  10. You can get oral herpes from a partner, or as a child from a parent. Tons of different ways to go about it. Like 80% of the population gets cold sores. I kind of feel like you're maybe making a bigger deal of it than it is? You have no idea if it was just dormant in you for all this time, any more than it was dormant in him all this time.

  11. There's a fine line between giving him an ultimatum and stating a preference. While the best time to state it was before commitment the second best time is right now.

  12. So the real issue here is that you can’t be alone? You can’t leave him because you need another man in your life?

    You have self-esteem issues and you need to learn how to love being by yourself. Otherwise, you’re going to cling on to the next attractive man, whether he’s good for you or not.

  13. i did tell him before we started dating that it could potentially bother me that he is still friends with her

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