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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Wait after getting caught, you or your brother or any other family members didn't call the cops because in majority of the state's having sex with minor will consider as r@pe

  2. It doesn't matter if they were single or not, she purposely ghosted you and went out on a date, period! Her excuses are BS, so ya in my opinion it's cheating!

  3. How about you read what you wrote.

    “I didn’t push the matter further but I kept him updated then and there about what I’ve been doing for him for v day”

    Sounds a lot like you kept talking about Valentine’s Day.

    And sorry but you don’t mention arguing about anything other than Valentine’s Day in your post. If that is part of the why for the break up then maybe add it to your post.

    I didn’t say that you can’t like it, or shouldn’t like it, but you kept referring to it as a holiday, it isn’t.

    And yes people in a relationship have to compromise, neither of you seemed like you compromised on this issue, and he cam the closest by actually getting you something, and originally preparing for a date beforehand.

  4. I asked him why he even deleted all of the mutual friends, and he said it was because he met them during our relationship, that my friends were friends with me before they were friends with him, is there allegiance will most likely be with me, so it’s not worth his while to remain friends with them. Kind of seem self-centered to me

  5. I see what you’re saying. Atheism can be on a ‘spectrum’. Like can we do xyz for a week to make grandma happy?

    But even then here’s the thing – he’s not suggesting some light ‘fake’ religious activities to do every now and then to maintain a tie with his community or keep the parents happy. Getting a circumcision, giving up beacon, converting to Judaism are major lifestyle changes, not just an hour a week or a day in grandma’s house. Also he’s asking his partner and kids to make these changes, he’s not doing much himself tbh (when infact it’s his own religion). Why would he assume op would just run with it? Even if it’s a cultural conversion and not the whole believing in god thing, did OP really sign up to make that cultural leap? Idk, she’s an atheist.

    And the point about Christian/Muslim atheists is that what I am trying to say is there is a general understanding of what ‘atheist’ means in the other religions. You may be asked to pretend to be observant for a day or so, but the concept of cultural Judaism is new and different. Idk if non- Jewish people know about it. And what I am saying is that op didn’t ask/verify what ‘Jewish atheist’ means because she probably didn’t even know there was anything to verify

  6. Your parents are trying to save their daughter. But I guess you are a lost cause. Clueless, naive child. You also will not care about what we say here. You start your on-line by being a toy for older men, it will probably not get better after this one. Lost cause.

  7. Right, he's at best unknowingly taking advantage of her generosity on the assumption she's fine with the free contribution she's having. This has to be an open conversation now, because he will either a) fix it and realize what he's been unknowingly doing or b) reveal he's known all along and send several red flags up the flagpole for you to see and make a decision about the relationships future.

  8. It’s difficult to see his side without any details on what was the fight about and how it escalated.

  9. Honestly I’d end it with him before you get hurt.

    Based off how he reacted and the fact he is still very friendly with her, I don’t think that it’s appropriate or that it will end well.

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