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  1. I agree with your friends. Block him,no means no and he definitely took advantage of you and the situation. Rape can still be a thing between partners and former lovers and to me, that's exactly what it sounds like. He sounds like shit and I'm so sorry you went through this

  2. Def break up, people need to reciprocate and actually give a fuck if they wanna be in relationships. This guy doesn't sound like he cares at all.

  3. I then spent the rest of our morning commute consoling her.

    Tha fuck?

    When I didn't immediately accept it, she got upset and said I'm giving her anxiety and ruining her morning by not accepting her apology.

    Am I reading too much into this? This is something psychopaths do. They find ways to make you fell bad for something they did themselves.

  4. Yeah she's being a pushfart, she thinks she behaves in the most perfect way for her bf, which is fine for them but she's not you. Her stuff is a bit OTT, yeah taking them a cake or something back after you had a meal is cute but balloons and stuff just cos he went away over night is a bit much, Jesus what would she do if he was away a fortnight lol

  5. Leave her alone you caused her enough pain. You want to cause her more pain by telling her you are a cheating bastard to make yourself feel better?

  6. You don’t need to know every detail, she wouldn’t be re-admitted to the hospital if it wasn’t serious. You said nothing supportive or congratulatory and did not sound concerned about her condition but came across as selfish, seek therapy before you destroy this relationship completely.

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