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  1. Here is a tutorial then: when someone berates you weekly about something that you cannot change, dump them.

    There is no reason in the world you should put up with this for one month, much less 8. This is his way of negging–breaking you down with the goal of control.

  2. I'm honestly unsure of what exactly you're getting at here.

    You say you fell in love wiht your girlfriend partly because of her work ethic and drive, but in what way is she showing you anything else?

    Yes, she may be in bed most of the time now that she is working from home, but in what way does that impact or reflect her work? Do you know how she performs at work? Is she still well-liked by her coworkers and superiors? Is everyone still happy with her efforts and results?

    To me, it doesn't sound like you have a problem with the way your girlfriend works but rather with how she carries herself. If that is something you want to address with her, which is perfectly fine, then I don't think you should bring her work into it at all.

  3. I'm sorry but what? Your gf is not going to paint her face black to match the character… There's tons of people cosplaying characters who don't have the skin color or ethnicity of said characters… No one would also give a fuck, if a black person would cosplay an anime character who's white.

  4. this is not a good guy and he knows what he's exactly doing. or he's dangerously delusional. either way OP, I really don't think he can remain your friend any longer. It seems to me he took advantage of your trust in him to manipulate you into a relationship.

  5. She at least is emotionally involved with him ,to be ignoring you when you are out together is worrying,so you are not wrong about how you feel . I am afraid you have to bring it up in how you feel ,and I'm pretty sure she will say you are just insecure as seems to be be the get go answer at the moment. She may in all honesty not get that she is doing this and is treating him as the FRIEND from work ,but he is most likely not being the friend.

  6. This would be an absolute not. My husband would not return to a wife if he went on a vacation with another woman. Full stop. Add to that you’re pregnant and he is putting off doing the nursery and making renovations so he can go galavant with with another woman. This should be a deal breaker for you.

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