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  1. I am trying to move through life as best I can, while making progress on things I feel are important, and avoiding all the noise in today's world, which can get overwhelming.

  2. It seems like he's putting all the blame on you, and you have to change until he finds you worthy of marrying. Like it's all your fault that you haven't gotten married.

  3. It's abuse.

    Call the cops.

    Go fully non-contact. If you're at your parents, she's not there. She is not to call, email, text, use social media to contact you.

    She's done, OP.

    My dad's siblings and parents opted for different kinds of abuse when he was an adult (I believe physical abuse was a feature of his childhood) and he went full no-contact for 15 years. It sucked. He did it. He's glad he did.

  4. You nailed it! A bunch of idiots giving advice to one another and most of all the OP who thinks he is the victim in this story

  5. Advice. Just give him the test. You know you did nothing wrong and it will shut him up. 9/10 regardless of the reason they are asking I'll suggest just doing it. Especially when you know for a fact you are not doing nor have you done anything wrong.

    Best case: He has his reassurance and can't use it as an excuse for anything going forward.

    Worst case: You can now point at the results if he chooses to think you are guilty of infidelity. Assuming that if he did something like that you are willing to stay and put up with it.

  6. I think that you BF is a selfish immature boy who reads too much Reddit. I wonder if he is cheating on you now? Anyone who thinks a lesbian can get another woman pregnant is beyond dumb. I would get the test and use it after you break up with him and are looking for child support.

  7. What? What did gaming ever do? The issue is with the husband having an emotional affair with this woman and repeatedly leaping over his wife's boundaries at every opportunity. So yeah, the woman has to go, and yeah that means that gaming group has to go, since she's part of it. But he doesn't need to give up his hobby to be a good husband. That would be like telling someone they had to give up reading because they got too invested in someone in their book club. That makes no sense.

  8. Wait… do you mean the act of going incognito itself is cheating or that he went incognito to facilitate cheating?

  9. Wow I feel this one. I’m a single dad with a very difficult 1st grader. It’s often a fight to get her dressed in the morning, and we had an escalation last month where there was yelling and crying and I basically carried her to the car.

    I really hated myself all day, and we actually both said sorry to each other after school. As others have said, you gotta talk to hub and make sure he understands it’s not ok to go ballistic on the kids. Having said all that, we are all human and I don’t necessarily hear that hes a danger to the kids.

  10. We’ve been together almost 2 years. And I’ll give her credit. She went to therapy and was diagnosed with depression and she’s taking medication now that has really seemed to help her. I hope I’m not wrong for feeling like it’s not enough though.

  11. Ye I think that’s kind of how I feel- like what now almost. Just unsure as to whether that’s ‘normal’ and if I should put up with that

  12. He literally has to move to have a job and provide from himself per your own words. What would you have him do? Come live! with you as your emotional support animal and you pay all the bills while he’s unemployed?

    I’m so very sorry that your dad is terminal and doing poorly. I do know how much that sucks and especially when you have to deal with it from states or countries or oceans away. But you can. And his career shouldn’t have to take a dive so you can handle family issues.

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