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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Wait. You did absolutely nothing wrong. She said you embarrassed her? She is the one who embarrassed herself and she is annoyed that you saw what she did and even more annoyed that your bf reacted in the way he did – that’s what embarrassed her. She is not a best friend, she is not a friend. Don’t excuse her behaviour because she was drunk she was showing her true colours and it was a desperate attempt to be noticed. She definitely embarrassed herself and she definitely would steal your man if she could – that much is obvious

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  3. TIL – my feet are “Egyptian feet” – toes descend in size from the big toe to the little.

    What a world.

  4. Maybe you should give the talking a rest for a change. If all you do is fight when you talk then sometimes a little silence will reduce the fighting and give you a chance.

  5. My first question to you would be what does your gut tell you? Do you feel safe when he's throwing things and shouting and calling you names? Do you feel bad when he does these things? How does his behavior make you feel.

    Secondly, let's say for a minute that it is cultural… does that make it okay? My response would be no. If he expects you or anyone to accommodate his “culture” but does nothing to try to adapt to his new environment and culture then it's not culture.

    My husband and I come from 2 different cultural backgrounds but we have built a life around our own set of guidelines of what is ok and not ok.

    Its not ok for your bf to say horrible things to you or name call. If its “acceptable” in his culture is irrelevant if it hurts you or makes you uncomfortable.

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