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Date: October 24, 2022

9 thoughts on “Alicepinkys live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. That's hyperbole that people say but isn't true. It's easier to walk off an insult than a broken eye socket. I understand that words can hurt, but there's a difference in damage and recovery.

  2. Your husband is the one being extremely selfish right now you suffered three tragedies in a very short period of time. I get he's anxious and he wants a baby but it shouldn't be at your physical or mental expense. Me too definitely needs some therapy together and I'm sure you need some on your own if you're not already doing this. Quite possible if you say no that's it I'm done, that he will leave you. If his desire to have a child is more than his love for you then your marriage is over. And eventually you're right he will resent you if he doesn't already. I fear he probably does cuz he's going to blame you regardless that it's nothing you did that caused these tragedies. It's a horrible thing that happened and it's super difficult to get over. I really hope everything works out for you.

  3. Yeah, my ex was 'single' and coparented and lived with his ex. Got her pregnant while he was seeing me, and now they're 'trying again' which he told me after trying to get in my pants again years later.


  4. You knew it was likely he had a girlfriend and you still had a relationship with him.

    Do some detective work and inform the girlfriend that her boyfriend is a cheater.

  5. first I want to get revenge on both how should I do it ?

    Revenge? You're not a teenager anymore. Break up with him. You don't have to prove to him you know he cheated. Just move on and live your best life.

  6. You keep vacillating between “if couples consent, who are we to judge?” (cool) and “boys will be boys, they don't know any better because of porn and hornt” (not cool).

    So in this pegging example, assume she did not obtain any consent prior to pegging him in his sleep. Is that okay?

  7. Woman here- I do this all the time with men I never want to see again. As I feel intimidated. You never know what men will react in anger if you say ‘no’.

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