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  1. Move back home. He can’t kick you out. You left on your own so move back in. Tell him to leave if he has an issue. Make him pay child support. He’ll find a way to be convinced or prove you wrong.

  2. I suppose it's a lot about the tone and her reaction when I say I don't think I'll be well enough. I say that I don't feel well enough and want to rest, her response sounds like “you'll change your mind”. I lay in bed because I can't stand, and she wants me to go out in the cold.

    It just feels bad to not be in full health and have someone constanly badger you with demands to go out and basically imply that you are exaggerating.

    Perhaps I should have mentioned it in the post, but she also said she felt she needed to “push me” because I sometimes exaggerate and lay in bed all day and act like things that I have to do are too naked. The only time I can really think of where that happened was about a year ago, when I was depressed (pretty sure she thinks “depressed” just means “feel sad”)

  3. she is adamant it was just 2 drunken hookups

    She didn't learned her lesson after the first encounter, so I am inclined to believe that there may be more to the story.

    My wife has been very distraught since I found out and she is willing to do anything to earn back my trust, no matter how long it takes.

    She's 10 years too late for this. She should have been upfront with you about it after the first encounter and would have led you to make the informed decision about the future of your relationship. She's now sorry as she's got caught and wants to save the comfort that she gets by being with you.

    other part is saying it was more than 10 years ago and we both were young and stupid

    It wasn't just a drunken one night stand, it happened twice (at least that what she say's ) in the same situation, so it implies that she was comfortable and enjoyed that situation at least twice.

    On top of that almost all my friends and family are saying that I should give her one more chance as she has been an amazing partner for so long.

    They're not the one to endure the pain of being Cheated on, you're the one. They'll all talk about being the greater person and forgive the cheater but at the end of the day, they'll go home and sleep with their SO cuddling and enjoying their lives.

  4. No I agree that’s true. My friends are telling me that I’m not being sensitive to her trauma of her childhood but I’m thinking to myself “what trauma?!”

  5. Is this the type of person you really want to be partnered up with for life?? He is very mentally unwell. And not like, a few couples counseling sessions unwell. Aside from the stalking, harassing, and verbal abuse… he’s using you as a mask until… what? He convinces her to get with him? Is that the sort of “relationship” you want to be in? Is that something you want to save?

  6. I’m going to be as direct as possible here. When couples agree to have one person work and another stay home, there are expectations and responsibilities for both. In his eyes, he is holding up his end of the bargain and you are not. Hair all over the floor, dishes piling up, etc., is not keeping things tidy. He works all day every day and he expects you to keep the apartment tidy, which you have agreed to do, yet you aren’t doing it.

    It makes perfect sense why he isn’t wanting to be physically affectionate to you at this point. We explain to men all the time how it’s normal for their female partner to not want to be affectionate towards them when they feel they aren’t pulling their weight in the relationship. This is the exact same scenario.

    I will say he should not have cursed at you in his response. But the way he spoke to you is the only thing in this post that sounds like he is a problem with. The general idea behind his perspective is 100% fair.

    If you don’t want to / aren’t able to hold up your end of the arrangement, then it might be worth looking in to getting a job.

  7. I really have to question your husband’s judgement and maturity. He made two colossal blunders back to back. First thinking he had actually been offered the position and secondly pulling the stunt with the old job and naming the company he thought had offered him a new job. Has he always been like this? Maybe he has had a breakdown or flipped a switch somehow

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