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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Wow. Hope you aren’t getting dragged down too very hot. Is he seeing someone? Sounds like he would benefit from therapy

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  3. I think I would start the conversation with, “I'd like to date other people and not be exclusive anymore. What do you think?” It will be interesting to see what kind of person you're dealing with here. Is he agreeable to the idea? Or does he tell you he doesn't want to do that while secretly hiding this woman? Then tell him you know and you will be seeing other people…just not him.

  4. yeah!! i was extremely happy with the results, as i was scared of it looking super unnatural. thankfully, it went well :))

  5. Are you really 25 or is it a typo and you're 15? Somehow I would rather you to be 15 than 25 and still naive enough to write this post…

  6. Started having second thoughts a few months ago when we got into a fight about our plans for the future He has supported me but now i think he has some issues with me developing further I know our relationship works a lot around compromise and i can adapt to change not sure if he can

  7. Girlie, please reread.

    He can be bummed or mad or fighting the air, but she didn’t trap him. He willingly didn’t use protection.

    He is also the issue. She can be bananas, but he signed up for the circus.

    So now you’ve got options: get a paternity test and sign up to, or leave this man who’s the clowniest clown of them all for not using protection in the first place.

  8. Kick her out of the house. You deserve better than that witch. Forget about her and leave it be. Itll be painful for a while but you need her as far away from you as possible.

  9. You are not overthinking. For whatever reason, she wanted to break up with you and then got back together.

    It sounds like she might rinse and repeat until you yourself get that she has some big problem.

    Decide how much of this you can handle. If it were me, I would not accept things back unless I had to but I also wouldn't date someone who kept trying to break up with me.

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