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  1. Go ahead and say it. You're “several months” along, and he has made a positive statement to you about his feelings. I doubt if “I love you” will scare him away.

  2. If you were to work at a bar would your uniform be revealing or would you flirt to get tips?

    He says you started as friends and now your a couple how would it be different then any other guy friend?

    The celebrity thing he is way over reacting to

  3. You have no idea about the huge bullet you just dodged. And to answer your question…you absolutely did the right thing.

  4. I was a better person. Then i realize no one likes good people. I always cry and het hurt emotionaly by it. Then i started to act like an anti hero, kinda jerk. In the end pretending being a jerk made me a kinda real jerk.

  5. At some point, if it's becoming a more committed relationship, she should tell him. Sex work is a deal breaker for some people and he has a right to choose if that's something he wants to have in the record of his life.

    That said, this is just another thing that says, the best path forward is to reveal nothing and end the relationship.

    Don't date people you work with. It's never worth the drama, especially if you have secrets that could really harm your life, like a history of sex work.

  6. Please add this and the fact that alcohol wasn't your addiction to the OP, I think many people would give different advice.

  7. This always floors me. On Reddit, anything you accuse someone else of doing means you must be doing the exact same thing. It’s ridiculous. Is projecting real? Yes. But it’s absurd how often people are accused of it here.

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