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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Wé got married for what a lot of people may think the wrong reasons (financial security if one of us dies, less paperwork and legal issues as well, as we have a kid in common, this kind of things), although the wedding day was pretty emotive. We had been living together for 6y and had a baby, but marriage hadn't really been discussed previously.

    We're not the only ones in our generation getting married to avoid messes & issues in case of death or sickness among my social circle.

    All this to say that if even long term relationships with kids & mortgages in common recognize that the sensible thing is to marry, moreso for couples where at least one of the partners feels strongly about it…

    I'll tell you to sit down your bf, and ask him clearly why his views on marriage gave changed. That yours haven't, you want to marry him, and are agonizing over not knowing if he values you enough, as your feelings are those. Spell clearly that you're hurting.

    He might be a bit dense on the topic & complacent with the actual standby, in which case I hope this convo will be a wake-up. Or he really doesn't want to marry (you or in general), in which case this convo will be your wake-up.

    Don't let him gaslight or avoid or give vague answers on this

  2. If it’s not your kink you need to tell her. And if you don’t wNt to use her bath after (gross, even 2”without the pee) then don’t. If she opens up and shares she has a urination kink, and you don’t, you may not be compatible. Which would suck if it’s important. Sorry you’re dealing with this.

  3. You understand he is full of shit right? Leave him, tell his wife and if he threatens to kill himself, tell him you will call the police.

  4. Yeah, victims can rarely see it. Please look up mental and emotional abuse, as well as grooming. I guarentee that he targeted you because you are young and naive enough to put up with his temper tantrums, while older and more mature women wouldn't. Again, he is causing you panic attacks with his behaviour and not attempting to get better or change. You shouldn't have to deal with that.

  5. You don't sound stupid, you sound like a marvelous human. It won't be easy to see right this instant, but your ex did you a favor by showing you who she truly is.

    You deserve someone much better, someone who understands. You will find it, but now is time to focus on you and your recovery. I believe in you.

  6. You are an absolutely abhorrent person.

    Your wife was so depressed her hair was matted.

    I want you to think about that for a few minutes. Think about how low and terrible she must have felt to get to that point.

    Instead of being a kind compassionate caring partner and helping her get better you went out and found someone barely legal to sleep with.

    I hope she leaves your ass and finds someone who will love her because you do not. You love what she gives you. You love what she does for you. You do not love her.

  7. Yeah, I would say to him that I know I'm not a supermodel but I want my life partner to make me feel like I'm a 10 to him. That I'm HIS person. And since he's only giving you “average” ratings and clearly wants you to change your personality, that you deservexto find someone who loves you as you are.

    You will find your person OP. Don't settle.

  8. This is weird as hell. He has a lot of unsent messages. Either you ask this woman or you ask him about this because this isn’t right

  9. You're a surgical resident.

    Everyone wants to date a doctor until its time to date a doctor. This is how it works. This is why they earn very very good money.

    Break up with him.

    Honestly I wouldn't date for awhile.

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