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Date: September 20, 2022

16 thoughts on “Violet Flowers && Daddy Flowers the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I'm so confused why you're calling him your best friend. You two are not even a little bit friends. He plays with your emotions cause it works for him to do so, and you're not a friend in any way cause you're in love with him and have been trying to date him the entire time you've known him. Which, by the way, has been only 9 months of your life, and it's been this much hassle.

    All you've lost is something that was never going to happen, and the ability to never move forward and find real happiness with someone who wants the same things you do. Oh no. Such a loss.

    For real though, of course you did the right thing, refusing to let someone keep playing games with you. I suggest blocking him, and truly moving on though.

  2. If my partner came to pick me up for an event or function dressed in tattered, torn and stained clothing, i would refuse to leave the house with them. Have you tried this? Just say something like “we are on our way to a nice event, everyone will be dressed up, and i am not entering with you dressed like a hobo. Go home and change or i will go by myself.” If he wants to act like a child about it, start treating him like one.

  3. Cancel the trip out of respect for your new BF. There is no way on this planet he won't be upset about this no matter what he says or what you think he will feel.

    I had a trip planned with my ex that was going to be 100% platonic as we remained friends after the breakup but I still cancelled it as it would have been very rude to do the trip knowing she would have been upset about it.

    Working with him is one thing, going on a trip is something entirely different.

  4. If I were you, I would end it.

    Yes, she didn’t technically cheat on you, but in my opinion, when talking about committed relationships, who cares about technicalities? You two just have very different outlooks on relationships.

    If I were in your position, I would think that she’s just sleeping around, playing the field (which is her right), until she decides, “hey, this guy will do” and decides to commit to you. If she had strong feelings for you, she wouldn’t be sleeping with other guys, like you weren’t sleeping with other girls because you had feelings for her.

    You made the right decision to not pressuring her into exclusivity when she was very noncommittal. You want her to want to be in a relationship with you, not just give in to your desire to be in a relationship with her.

    Combine all this with the fact that this other guy is still going to be hanging around her and she refuses to set any kind of boundaries would be the nail in the coffin for me. She can say she understands your feelings, but honestly, talk is cheap.

    Leave her and take this as a learning experience to let girls know early on how you operate. If they’re not willing to show their commitment leading up to a potential relationship, then a relationship with them isn’t worth it.

  5. i’m a little uncomfortable but not uncomfortable to turn down money. it’s just odd because we are sortve buddies and there’s not really a reason to give me money, unless he has an ulterior motive. he says that it is because i am a student and he has been broke in that situation and wants to make sure i am comfortable but i think it would be naive to assume he’s being fully honest given the age gap.

  6. 4 year relationship and he breaks up for that?

    regardless of whether he's “right” or “wrong” that doesn't sounds very mature

    do guys break often?

    He didn't looked it up and didn't purposely showed it. I do think is an overreacting but then he topped you by breaking up for that.

  7. My ex and I had different opinions on marriage, I want to get married and he didn't. I didn't find that out until 3 years in and it became the end of our relationship because he was never going to marry me. And he's the one who ended it because he knew that he was never going to be able to give that to me, at the time I was devastated, now I truly appreciate it because I'm with someone who wants the same things I do.

    This is going to sound cruel, but you're both being selfish. Loving someone, truly, means wanting them to be happy no matter what. If you want to have kids and he doesn't but you won't let each other go that's going to end poorly. I get that you don't want to have a baby tomorrow, but what – you're going to spend 3 more years together to come to the SAME end, it's just going to hurt way more.

  8. My dude, why have you been tolerating this at all?? It should have never happened a second time, let alone after all these years. This is her issue to resolve, not yours. She needs to put in the work to grow up and get the fuck over you having a life before her. If she can’t, don’t waste your time in a girl who hasn’t grown up past high school

  9. Oh please, she’s not an innocent little victim. She’s a grown woman who did not discuss her boundaries when there were ample opportunities to do so with all the information he has told her throughout the years. She wasn’t duped and she can’t be that naive. He did FETISH porn and they even watched some of his videos together.

  10. Phony bf, phony relationship. As a guy I know some that are terrible in communicating or if they do, it’s open mouth insert foot.

  11. The husband who wants to cheat will always make up a story to justify why it will take some time to divorce, like: she will never let me see the kids, she did X/Y, my in-laws will destroy my life…

    99.9% of these stories are false and only made up to explain why the divorce is taking so long

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