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Date: October 1, 2022

21 thoughts on “Wandaxs69 live webcams for YOU!

  1. i had the exact same story going on, i spent the entire YEAR literally begging her to stop hanging out and taking him (she also cheated on me with him multiple times). and the funniest part of all of it that she never understood what’s wrong with her hanging out with him, she called me toxic and controlling for gently asking her to stop talking to him. i was begging her so much to simply care about my emotions lol. eventually, i stopped. one year later i absolutely gave up on trying to make her realize that what she’s doing is hurting me.

    if your gf does the same thing as mine did, then all i can advice you is breaking up with her. the only fact that she cheated on you with him already speaks for itself. on my experience, there is no such relationship that can be healthy, loving and trustworthy after someone cheated on their partner.

  2. He doesn't own your vagina girl he seems like a ass hole to punish you like that, get out whilst you can. Him even saying you 'owe' me anal shows your somewhat a pushover. Please leave

  3. Report her to her professors. She is not a psychologist yet and has no right doing what she is doing

  4. It’s not vengeance, it’s called decency. I’m not reporting him to his job, only the people who could be harmed

  5. Your ex illustrates the point women keep women single all the unsolicited advice that your ex could not wait to act upon! The weak excuse it was the friends fault makes no sense as your ex implemented the changes she could have ignored, pushed back or even perish the thought defended you and go low contact with her ‘friends’ but she did not do any of that. She lacks loyalty, respect and doesn’t trust or believe in you! You made the correct choice do not go back only forwards.

  6. Forgot to mention that I kinda feel like she’s using me. She doesn’t have any money in her bank account at all. So she’s relying on my to survive. Think that’s might be the only reason why she kept me around. Ik if I wasn’t here her world would just collapse.

  7. He buys her one drink and she calls you a bitch. He buys her 10 drinks and she becomes his bitch. Take it as you please.

  8. Being a slob is one thing, but that's kind of taking it a step further. I've had serious depressive episodes and my behavior has been similar. I didnt recognize it until I went to a therapist and got a diagnosis.

    Not saying it has to be that, but for his sake maybe he should talk to someone about it. It's not normal to let yourself go that badly.

  9. Ok so you guys are both still quite young, i'm a decade older and shaking my head at all these people that think this boundary is fine.

    The initial gut reaction was fine (especially at 24) but once you explained the perfectly reasonable explanation it then shifted from a you problem to a her problem.

    Either she is jealous or she doesn't trust you. Either way this is something she needs to address. You could suggest that she meets your colleague but that is dicey ground, where you'd have to explain to your colleague why your gf wants to meet her, which could make your colleague feel awkward/uncomfortable at her place of work (unless you could do an inconspicuous group hang)

    This will be a big test in your relationship. Can you communicate well enough? Can you find a compromise? This is the first time she's exhibiting her jealousy but will it be the last time?

    Good luck!

  10. I guess I wonder if it’s uncommon to have a pet peeve this strong at 5 months? You believe this speaks on our compatibility?

  11. I’m so sorry to hear that. You’re right, I truly believe that something has to give. I’ve already been planning my exit and have been saving money to move. Thank you for your solid advice because I would not want my child to endure this type of behavior.

  12. Why in the hell are you even putting up with her bs! Are you actually serious! Kick her out. Get an eviction order asap. Shes literally dumped you and is keeping you as a backup to your face. F her. Move on you dodged a bullet

  13. It’s a yes to all 4. Especially Jakyll and Hyde references. This emotional roller coaster has taken its toll on me. He doesn’t see how he turns nasty so quickly. But if I have any bit of a reaction towards something he throws the whole fight on why I’m behaving the way I am. Thank you for the pov/ breakdown. We try our best to be civil and happy around the kids but they have picked up on some of his bad habits and disrespect me when I’m taking to them. He does step in and tells the kids not to speak to me that way.

  14. Just because it’s not something that works for you personally, doesn’t mean you need to villainize it in her. At the end of the day, no two human beings are the exact same because that’s just not how we work. We’re going to have differences, and this is just a difference between you two. She clearly needs it to cool down after an argument – and it’s not actually physically harming you, so I think it’s just something you need to accept honestly.

  15. This feels like a double standard because it is one. I can see cultural differences being a thing but honestly… Would you want to be with someone where you're constantly questioning whether or not he can get a faint whiff of your very natural and normal body odor? I certainly wouldn't put up with that especially considering you have a medical issue affected by frequent showers.

  16. Stop lying to your partner. If you can't stop smoking weed and that's a deal breaker for them, either quit or move on.

  17. OP, I hope you see the above comment. I know you love your boyfriend and I’m sure it’s not natural for you to see it this way, but he took all the pieces he couldn’t fully deny, and wove them into a narrative. It also sounds like he’s trying to minimize it by saying things like “i ONLY did this and nothing else, we ONLY did that” etc. There is 1000% more to this story than he is telling you, and as more of the truth comes out, he’ll find a way to weave it into his narrative.

    Who cares what he did and didn’t do with her? He sought her out, and actually physically met up with her. If I had a partner do that to me, I don’t think I could ever see them in the same light again. I personally think that you deserve better treatment than this. It’s true that we have to reconcile a lot about somebody when you build a relationship, but some things shouldn’t be justified… disloyalty and dishonesty being among them.

    Sorry this is happening to you, I’m sending love.

  18. I can’t believe he would bring up your crotch smelling once in a while when his literal hands and beard are constantly smeared in eu du sáck.

    The smelly kid pulled the ol' “I know you are but what am I.” with the crotch deflection.

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