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Date: September 27, 2022

8 thoughts on “YELLOW live sex chats for YOU!

  1. Absolutely fuck this guy. Calling you a liar? Only caring about your “virginity status”, rather than your trauma??? I know it’s hot, but this is a MAJOR red flag, and indicates that this guy is majorly toxic. He needs to grow the hell up, and you deserve someone way better than this asshole.

  2. I’m not living in any of their houses, no. I online in my own house quite far from them. And I have a family of my own.

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  4. Asking your fiancée for money to send to his side piece it’s an asshole thing to do. Leave, assholes die every day, he can have the affair partner and enabler of a mother taking care of him

  5. Imagine this: a few years into the future and your water just broke, you have to Beg your bf to come drive you to the hospital to deliver his baby but since he's out with his friends and made plans Prior he does his usual annoyed sigh “fine! I mean, you Know I made plans but whatever right? I'll be there in 20 minutes.” But you don't know if you can last another 20 minutes, you don't have a choice so you wait. And wait. And wait..


    He doesn't come until 40 minutes later due to “traffic” despite rush hour being long over. He rushes you to the hospital and you spend 16 hours in labour pushing out a 8 pound baby, he's not in the room to support you because “ew blood is gross plus you just shit yourself on the operating table!” So you give birth to his newborn baby, Alone. He doesn't comeback until your vagina and asshole are stitched back together, in which he makes a snarky remark about whether or not you're still tight down there or if you'll be shitting yourself regularly now, to which you passively ignore. Again. After years of doing so, starting with his annoyed sighs and lack of enthusiasm in helping you out with basic necessities, so not only are you raising a baby on your own. You're raising a man child.

    You spend the rest of your years putting up with this shit and regret ever giving this grown ass man the benefit of the doubt when all you've ever asked from him was the Bare Minimum.

    What do you chose?

  6. No one here can give you insight on this behavior. You know your partner best. If you no longer trust her you need to have a conversation with her.

  7. Yea they are so honest they could only say it when they were intoxicated. Doesn’t sound very genuine to me.

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