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  1. You did not ruin his life. He did that on his own and knew the possible consequences of his own actions. You did what was best FOR YOU. You did well by speaking up & being strong because if not how many more women will he prey on? At least he won’t continue to harass you and it may stop him from doing this to someone else.

    This is not your fault. It is his own fault. He made his choice.

  2. No. “To be honest, I'm not in a good space to continue conversation about our past, and I'd rather just move forward. I wish you the best.”

  3. Emotion has ration behind it too. Regular ration is assessing the present situation. Emotion is just how brains apply past experiences of what felt good and what felt bad to determine what might work or not work in the present. When you look at emotions that way and apply them like risk assessment tools, they become incredibly rational as well and very useful in decision making.

  4. “Hey, so it sounds like you are out on Vegas for your bday? If you aren't coming, I'm thinking I'll try to cancel tmw, or sort out a different plan. Regardless, I'm sure you'll have a great bday, I'm sure your boyfriend will have something even better planned.”

    Just keep that shit light. If she ignores, you cancel. If she is shitty, “yeah, and I'm shocked you expected a scholarship. Guess we both learned something.”

    Tho you should go anyhow and be sure to post some great pics on social media.

  5. My dear OP, this man is telling you he is not ready for a real relationship, or he doesn’t want a real relationship with you. You aren’t fun right now. You interrupt his sleep and you need emotional support when he would rather not have to give you anything.

    You are going through a really hard time right now, and you deserve support. Your boyfriend has made it clear that the support won’t be from him. Better you learn this now than you get married, have a kid, and find out he gets all pissy when you are upset because your child is sick or not neurotypical or whatever. Move on. Find someone else who can help you. Your boyfriend just informed you that he either doesn’t care about you, or he is an utter trash person. You don’t want to be in a relationship with either of those choices.

    This is very hot. Do you have a therapist? Do you have the funds to get one? I can’t tell you how much therapy helped me in a situation not that far from yours. Be strong. Be what your grandmother would want you to be. Find a way to get help that isn’t from him. Throw him to the curb and either move out or ask him to.

  6. Does 21F know about you? If not, let her. If so, send her a message that she successfully destroyed your relationship with your Ex.

    You already know what I'm gong to say, but I'll say it anyway. 21F didn't destroy OP's relationship. OP's lying 30M cheating scumbag of a BF destroyed their relationship.

  7. Get a paternity test, than see a lawyer for legal advice about custody and child support. Many parents co-parent without being in a relationship.

  8. Does this regularly happen?

    If not, I don’t really see why it’s a big deal. He didn’t want to go all the way at that moment. Why is it not okay for him to not want that but it’s okay for you to not want something?

  9. Last time was like 3 weekends ago. It's the date I mentioned where he said after it was fine but he didn't really think it felt the same, more like friends than partners. Not a lot. I know what he's doing but often we don't really chat except about practical things. I often avoid topics I know will cause conflict e.g. I told him all about a promotion opportunity at work that I was excited but also nervous about, he basically told me not to take it and that was the opposite to what I was expecting and was kind of condescending about my thoughts. It didn't make me feel good. I understand this. He however is totally unwilling to work on the body issues. I mentioned in another comment that I have been gently suggesting therapy or something for this for years. But he firmly doesn't believe therapy is real science or works, and won't go unless I make it an ultimatum (which will probably defeat the purpose as he will just go to the sessions and not do the work). The sex issue has been going on for around 4 years. I think so, at least anxiety and some mild depression, however see above point about therapy – no idea how to help him if he won't help himself with the tools I think he has.

  10. Can I remedy our good relationship with my ex?

    what good relationship? you have already broken up twice, guess what happens if you get back together again? well, you guessed wrong. The answer is you are just gonna break up again…as for the other part? you are broken up, it doesn't matter. Your EX thinks your relationship is 'broken'? well yeah, thats why you are broken up…

    here is some advice no-one takes. When you break up the first time, stay broken up. It is just gonna end again and again and again, if you get back together. Try your luck with the side piece, it cant end any different than your last one(ie in breakup) and has a better chance at succeeding than your last one too.

  11. Red flags all over here – the fact you are saying no bridal shower?? That’s for her and her family to plan why do you have any say in this?

    And why are you on the fence about a bachelor/bachelorette party?!! You should only be on the fence for the bachelor party only because the bachelorette has nothing to do with you…it’s between her and her friends?

  12. Whatever you decide really is OK. Because we are all just doing our best and, especially in the midst of dealing with all you have going on, there u fortunately is no ideal situation. Just remember that you need and deserve to be cared for just as much as everyone else. I’m so sorry. Losing a parent is brutal. Grieving a relationship is very hot. Doing both at the same time is unimaginable. Just keep doing the next right thing and before you know it you will have made it to the other side ❤️

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