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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Hopefully I don't get downvoted to oblivion but I will give an honest guys answer. I've been to a strip club maybe 6 or 7 times. None of them because I was lonely, almost exclusively for bachelor parties and one night when we just got a bit over the top I guess.

    It's plain entertainment value. It's not about foaming at the mouth over girls, most guys probably don't even get a hot on (at least I never have). But the dancing is entertaining, you chat to a very hot attractive person for a bit. The boys all have a laugh, maybe a handful get a private dance and then you're off on your way home. I wouldn't get a private dance unless I was single, but all my partners current and previous have all known ahead of time if I was going and know I wouldn't cross boundaries and never have even come close. In fact, a few of those times I have been to strip clubs with said partners and other girls. I have also done the opposite, I.e. going to a strip club with male performers despite being completely straight.

    I know this wouldn't fly with every girl and this is totally fine, but then I probably wouldn't be with someone like that. I also get my take on it isn't every other guy's, you do see loner types, socially weird etc.

  2. You really need to block him from your life. This isn’t healthy behavior and it definitely won’t help you when you do move on.

  3. Done weeks before y’all started dating but he’s supposedly not friends anymore with the “people” who helped him come up with these ideas. I think he’s the only author of this.

    You have decide how this makes you feel. And if you want to confide this relationship.

  4. Ok then. So by the same logic you must believe that every single person in a vegetative state should be kept on life support unless they have given prior consent to have it turned off right? They have a heartbeat, so you must believe turning off the life support is murder, right? A heartbeat doesn't make a person. It's a muscle, nothing more. Brain function, personality, independent thought. Those are the things that make a person. Fetal brain stem isn't mostly complete until second trimester and the cerebral cortex doesn't start functioning until the third.

    And fyi, just because America passed some crazy bullshit law saying a foetus is a person doesn't make it true.

  5. “do you know how frustrating it is to pour a huge dollop of ketchup and have someone use so much of it so fast?”

    This is such a minor thing. If that was his issue, he could have said “honey don't hog my ketchup. I'll get you a plate” instead of telling you how you should eat ketchup. That put you on the defensive. You can't read his mind. He needed to communicate. What is the rest of your relationship like? Is he usually like this or has he never acted like this before?

  6. Ohhhh…..this is a rough one and nude to navigate. But I would just be very transparent with your partner, so that they know those reassurances are thoughtful and genuine. Best of luck to you!!!

  7. Your an adult only in the legal sense at 19/20 your still very much a child. Age difference aside your still incredibly young and he only sees your looks that likely won’t change. Have you spoken about the future, marriage kids because?

  8. I literally want to have everything packed up before he gets home from work, and just tell him then leave.

  9. Break up with him. His behavior is unacceptable and it may be a matter of time before you regret giving him a chance to act on it.

  10. My advice to both of you would be to cut back on the booze, nix the secrecy and the poor decisions. Toxic situation all around.

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