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  1. I think that committed couples shouldn't regard their phones from the standpoint of privacy; as what you know, she should also know, and vice versa. Yes, she apologized for her outburst, but I'm troubled that she failed to mention the manner in which the other guy was choosing to message her, as that should be off limits.

    So, you still have a potential problem on your hands, and it should be addressed. Sit down with her and have The Talk. During The Talk, you should make clear to her what your boundaries are vis-a-vis communications with other men. In this instance, she should have told the guy that she was married, and she didn't appreciate the way he was using inappropriate terms of endearment rather than her name. And she should have shown you the texts, as you had a right to know. That's boundary #1. Boundary #2 should be that neither of your phones should be off limits to either of you. Therefore each of you should have the security codes of your phones. There may be other boundaries that you wish to include, and she may have some boundaries of her own she wishes to put in place as well.

    I wish you well.

  2. You don't have to give details but you owe her some communication.

    Even “I love you but I have some severe trauma that makes it difficult for me to undress around you. I'm working on it in therapy and I'm not ready to share details. I understand if this isn't enough for you and I understand if this means we can't continue.”

    But also, I think it is worth a period of introspection as to whether any kind of intimate relationship is something that's healthy for you at this point. It is okay if it isn't. And reading what you wrote, it doesn't seem like is. It can take a long time to be ready for intimate relationships after severe trauma like that.

  3. It's understandable and you are obviously allowed to address these concerns towards your wife.

    I have an idea. Take her somewhere to a fancy place out for dinner, where dressing up is pretty much the way to go. (or any other event you can think of)

    Then when you're there, tell her how nice she looks, and that you would love to see her dress up that way more often 🙂

  4. Wow it's ming changing to hear your story. It's so common here in my asian country for their younger daughter to be partnered with a more established older e

  5. If I asked my friend to pick up my car and they got in an accident I’d pay for the damage myself.

    If OP were drunk or being reckless that’s own thing but accidents happen and this one happened while doing a favor for the friend. At the very least the bill should be split.

  6. Right. I know it hurt for him to hear but honestly it sounds like he was pressing and pressing and she cracked on the spot when normally it’s not something people talk about because we all know our partner does and everyone does. It sounds like she only even admitted it after questioning her over and over. I’d be curious to know if the people calling her a piece of shit watch porn or have any kinds of sexual fantasy whatsoever that involved someone other than their partner.

  7. You might be an expert but that’s why your tolerance would be different dude. Drugs affect people differently they have similar affects on people the the affects intensity could depend on a lot of things the dude could have genuinely been black out and confused. This is rape and it’s crazy that the fact that he’s a guy he’s being blamed for it. The only blaming that should be done here is on his stupidity for blacking out now for possibly being raped while drinking in a safe space with his family. Again crazy how if it was reversed you guys would be all over the place.

  8. Many people have suggested starting with foreplay and oral that focuses on her and I agree.

    There is also a trick that can sometimes hold back your orgasm. The frenulum is on the underside of head of the penis. If you feel that you are about to orgasm but don't want to, squeeze your frenulum between two fingers; this can reduce your level of arousal and allow you to hold off the orgasm for a while.

    This doesn't always work; do it too late and you'll just have a ruined orgasm. Too long and you may lose your erection. However, just right may let you keep going for a while longer.

    You can also consider reducing the time between rounds. If you go straight to cunnilingus after the first round, your level of arousal might rebound quickly so that you can proceed to a second round. This presumes that you are cardiovascularly fit and not drunk.

  9. I think your message is fine. But do you really need to send it?

    Personally, I would just get tested and stop. contacting him. And if he tried to contact me, I would just reply with the screenshot of his Twitter bio.

  10. Probably she doesn't really believe she did something wrong (whatever she told you). Maybe she hopes you come back to her so that she can resume your torture. Just stay far from toxic people.

  11. You didn't over react at all. My bf's brother was killed on his motorcycle by a drunk driver who ran into him at a stop sign. He was 39. I can't imagine how naked it is to lose someone I love the way his family did.

  12. If there is no progress then how long are you willing to wait? Its' already been a year and honestly you can love someone and still be wrong for them. You're the one who's needs are being ignored. Seeing as you've already done that im leaning on the leaving side.

  13. She was testing that out with her early stories and finally told you the physical abuse thing when she knew you’d want to swoop in and save her. You are not in a relationship, she’s cheating in her (probably perfectly lovely) partner with you. You are being used and so is he.

    It’s 2023 – you are saying that in the years she has stayed living with her partner and only sees you about once a week… That is NOT a normal relationship progression. I’m sorry, but you are being played and you need to break up with her and block her.

    You also need to be prepared she’s going to come at you with some huge sob story to try to get you to take her back…. If I was you, I’d actually introduce myself to get (ex) partner and get his side…

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