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  1. So you want him to sleep with you? You want him to be your boyfriend?

    He told you from the beginning that it will not happen! Find someone your age and stop abusing him!

  2. You’re giving a pretty weak answer there.

    Saying you hate yourself is not honesty- it’s manipulation. You’re taking a situation he is allowed to be upset about and forcing him to feel sorry for you instead.

    If you can’t genuinely take ownership of the situations you put yourself in, this relationship and any future relationships are toast.

  3. So you would've actually had sex with her if she hadn't been too shy to make a move? That's a terrible joke. “Haha what if we had sex” constantly being repeated is not an example of making it clear to someone that you're not interested. I can't think of anyone in a monogamous relationship who would tolerate this between a partner and their friends. But if it's just a joke, you'd think that would not be the case.

    What she did was uncool, but what you did was also weird and uncool to everyone involved. You can avoid this in the future by not backburnering someone and leading them on. You'll live if she leaves.

  4. “Possibly” would be a better choice of words. The only way to know for sure is to do a DNA test

  5. I was curious about how she got syphilis and passed it to you if she only gave a guy head, so I looked it up. It's pretty low chance (13%) that this is what happened. Sounds more like she's trickle-truthing you and admitting only what she has to to minimize what she's been doing. I'd end it, simply based on what you already know for a fact. She's a liar and a cheater.

  6. “If things were different” she's in the most straightforward way saying she wants to have escape plans imo… Giving the “if things were different” is literally the situation you were you led someone on and have a back up option in case of a break up.

    That's kinda foul imo….

  7. Oh good lord.

    You’re not a traitor, you don’t need to be punished, and this dynamic has become/always was untenable. Break up.

    People cheat, it happens, it’s shitty, it’s pedestrian, it’s often a dealbreaker, it’s very human.

    You don’t beat yourself up and allow yourself to eat shit for months or years. You do better. You communicate. You don’t hang out in the same crowds or do the things that enabled or encouraged or played a part in your cheating.

    So leave. Feel that guilt and how awful it is, and let that be a motivator to not make promises you don’t want to keep. Try ethical non-monogamy if you’re interested.

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