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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I am still very angry so I don’t know if this will even make sense. We have been married for 4 years and have known each other for about 10 years. We have a baby. We had an argument yesterday and today we were still angry at each other. He came home from work and had some food and didn’t clear up. I asked him to clear up and do the dishes. He refused. I kept pushing and I admit I was being (deliberately) annoying.

    Why? What wad the goal that you hoped to achieve by doing this?

    He hit me.

    There is no justification for this, absolutely zero.

    I got very angry and tried to hit him back, I was unsuccessful as he held me off. He says it doesn’t count because he didn’t hurt me but I have bruises. (Also even if I didn’t, he can’t do that!)

    It counts. It counts even if it didn't leave a mark which are likely from him defending himself from you. It was also wrong of you to try to hit him back. There is a difference in defending yourself and hitting back.

    This was all very noisy and the baby woke up. I went to get the baby and he tried to lock himself in a room and I tried to get in and he pushed me (I was holding the baby) and slammed the door in our face.

    WTF is wrong with you? You picked up your baby and then tried to get back in his face while he is trying to hide from you? WTF?

    During this, he hit the baby in the face (I admit that I don’t think was his intention, he wouldn’t purposefully harm our child). I lost it. I was screaming and banging on the door and very angry.

    Why would you do this while holding your baby?

    I couldn’t believe he had hurt our baby. The baby is fine but was obviously very sad in the moment. I spent the next few hours trying to put the baby back to sleep. I am extremely angry and upset and I don’t know what to do. I understand that I pissed him off but that does not mean he can hurt us (intentional or not). The worst part is that he thinks he did nothing wrong and he is the victim because I shouted at him first and “made” him behave this way. I don’t know if I want to resolve this or not, I also don’t know if it’s salvageable.

    I'll be clear that there is absolutely no reason for a spouse to hit their partner. But even the way that you describe this sure sounds like he is the victim. He hit you and then you endanger your baby by trying to get him to hit you again?

  2. I wouldn't do FwB at all!!

    I am ashamed to be a woman knowing two close friends at the time (no longer in contact now) where proud to brag “I have a man now and he will never leave me..” it made me sick

    Hence I told you no more s3x

    6 months of being together and already expects something more serious like marriage is a very big flag, especially at her hlage when her friends would be going out, meeting people and partying while she would be at home miserable

  3. It's definitely normal. Men are usually more sexually driven when they're younger and we get more sexually driven as we get older. As long as there's open communication, I wouldn't worry at all.

  4. If he isn’t used to having parents with money, you should be the one to tell him you don’t want to treat them like a cash machine without hesitance, I think. There are stories of people getting everything they want from their parents and he clearly hasn’t met yours. So talk about it and explain what you expect. Rather before he moved in, but that may or not may be from a next time.

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