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  1. it is nobody's entitlement to take care of someone who is being violent or destructive. I grew up with a family of bi-polar and I'll never talk to them again. I know its nude but they need help and you can still have empathy for them and give support but protect yourself as well.

    With the info we have, the sister is straight up rewarding this behavior, whether she means to or not. If I was married and had these talks with my wife and we were at the final line of mental defense as she says he is, I'd run too, probably straight to a lawyer, sign my copy and then skip town. People with this severe of an addiction and mental instability can destroy lives other than their own quickly.

    They need help and support, not a playground to create more chaos and that is what the sister is i'm assuming has unintentionally created.

  2. Yeah many, multiple, more then one. I’m glad you don’t know any women like that- no human should control that.

  3. If i was dating someone less than a year and they proposed.. thats exactly what i would call a red flag. But Maybe youve talked and your goals for the future align, + you both seem compatible while getting along well. Have you experienced what your partner is like in times of crisis? Or financial struggle? If you plan on having kids, Have you seen how they interact with young children? Have you experienced what its like living together& dealt with chore distribution? It would be very difficult to get to know someone on that level after just 6 months.

  4. I'd add to this that the takeaway shouldn't be that you make yourself content with whatever timeline he thinks is ideal if that means you not actually getting engaged for another 5 years. That's a long time. But 6 months is… worryingly short. It's really ill advised to commit to someone legally when you've only been through at most 3 seasons of one year together. You don't know each other outside of the honeymoon stage, and he's right that you're moving incredibly quickly.

    The fact that he also apparently thinks he can't say no to you indicates that there are other issues in your relationship that need to be addressed before you legally bind yourselves to each other. I'm not surprised he's having doubts given he's already been divorced. But the good thing is that despite not wanting to get engaged right this second, he seems to still be willing to continue the relationship anyway. If you can both move past this, you can have another conversation about a better timeline and develop your relationship further before revisiting marriage again.

  5. No I'm not happy being a meal ticket.

    Wether she did or not is irrelevant. She had the affair and even if once is enough to break us.

    Neither of us want to leave our children

  6. OP from your post history it seems like you have some issues with your mental health and relationships. Can I suggest that you see a therapist rather than ask reddit for advice?

  7. She asked for what she wanted (for her gambling addict BF to stop wasting money gambling and pay off debts). You agreed to this. Then you….did the opposite.

    This is how boundaries work. she set one, you agreed, you crossed a line, so she’s out.

    Pretty straightforward.

  8. This is why you have to be your own detective in a relationship before you get married. I’m surprised you didn’t see those same signs before you put a ring on her finger. That kind of stuff can’t be hidden.

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