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  1. This has got to be fiction writing, if not, you need some therapy. You’re a single mum with 3 kids and didn’t use any kind of birth control? You’re concerned at how your abusive partner took the news? Really? If this is true then just think about what you’re going to subject that child to, it’s not going to have a father, you’re other kids are going to help, which isn’t fair on them.

  2. Call the police, and then block him. This is a manipulation tactic, and abusive, the fact he is using self harm to manipulate you into giving in is DISGUSTING. Call the police, and then block him. It is NOT your fault that HE is MAKING that CHOICE.

  3. Yeah but that's English and English is a fucked language and I didn't say fluent, but there are techniques for leaning langues fluently that take 1-3 years

  4. I completely understand. I’ve talked to my boyfriend about my issues and he understood my curiosity. Obviously he doesn’t trust me completely and that’s my fault.

    However you are only getting a fraction of the story. You don’t know my boyfriend and what he’s like to me in private. I’m asking for advice on how to talk about my boyfriend with his sexuality as he is exploring things while dating me. He would not want me to be talking to other people online either.

  5. Anyone want to talk about how he (not OP) treats the woman like she’s his property? You have to ask to have sex with someone that consented with you? Man gives off bad vibes frfr

  6. never understood why dudes try to convince other dudes that “male hormones” cause them to make stupid decisions.

    It's just not true. Don't get me wrong, i've made some really stupid decisions where or there based on horniness, but the underlying problem was not male hormones, it was selfishness.

  7. All of those videos and posts are definitely directed at you – a passive aggressive way of shaming you into spending more and doing more for her. I’d bounce and let her realize just how much you did for her when you’re not doing it any longer.

  8. You must not be Orthodox Jewish. We are not allowed to touch people of the opposite sex unless we are married to them or directly related to them. I just got engaged a few weeks ago and we knew each other only 3 weeks or so. But we knew it was right after just a few dates! We’re getting married this summer when I fly out to Israel.

  9. Yes to another woman, no to another man. It’s usually the unfairness of my position that leads to no threesomes in serious relationships.

    If you don’t want a threesome, don’t have one. If you do, she may want a threesome with another guy at some point.

  10. Stop treating your friend like they’re being normal. Alcohol is not a thing at infant birthday parties. It’s weird that he wants that.

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