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Date: October 12, 2022

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  1. But was it like ‘gee, that sounds like a lot on your plate’? Or more like ‘that seems like a bad idea, you won’t be a good wife to my precious baby if you try to do all that!’?

  2. The way he is speaking to you is pretty passive aggressive, which isn't a healthy way to discuss things. I understand why he is unhappy – condom sex isn't good. I don't know any men who want to use a condom with a long term partner. However, if you have problems on birth control, an alternative has to be used.

    Have you tried POP pills instead of combination pills? I take Slynd which doesn't have estrogen, so it gets rid of the extra blood clot risk. I can't take combo pills due to migraine with aura. The arm implant also doesn't have estrogen.

    Alternatively, he can get a vasectomy if he's sure he doesn't want kids.

  3. In the past I’ve jokingly asked when he would do if I wanted to move out and he said we’d break up. My parents online 2 hours away so I was just going to stay with them until he wants me to come home

  4. Several times throughout planning the wedding, they promised us financial contributions (which we didn't particularly need or ask for, but was an appreciated gesture) only to revoke the money

    “Fool me once…”

    You've known who they are since the beginning. I'm not sure why you continued to believe a word that came out of their mouths.

    The manipulation didn't start after you cancelled, the manipulation was to get you to cancel. They lied.

    They didn't really cheat you out of anything (except having decent parents/inlaws). They're liars.

    Just be in your husband's corner. He might benefit from talking to a therapist.

  5. It doesn’t sound like a very good relationship if he’s threatening to leave you randomly. Does this happen a lot? One thing I will say is a mothers instinct is SO real. I used to think my mum knew nothing about the boys I dated, but my god she was soooo right!

  6. Any possible redemption (and I'm not saying I would have advocated for that in the first place) surely evaporated the moment he started gas lighting you that this situation was somehow your fault. Get out now.

  7. You don’t need a gun involved to end up dead from a fight. All it takes is falling on the back of your head wrong and you might not be getting up.

  8. Op, you might want to reconsider marrying her. She's manipulating you, using her son as a weapon against the dad, and I highly doubt she asked the son how he felt about it. 8yo or not, he might still have an issue with it.

    She reminds me of my narcissistic mother that i don't talk to.

  9. Thank you. I guess I just figured that Ella would call me as she knows we on-line together and would have come straight away… it was all just very cryptic which I don’t understand if you were really scared for your safety. For context my boyfriend and her rarely text so the comment ‘very dapper’ I agree is harmless but she never comments on his or my pictures… So I guess it’s just the sudden change of behaviour

  10. That is contributing the problem… you're looking for other people to fill your void, instead of being someone who fills your own void.

    And lets say if you broke up, you'd go back to the same pattern… seeking other people to occupy you.

    You need to occupy yourself and be happy in life without another person… Unfortunately, I think the actual solution would be to be single for a while to focus on yourself.

    But here we are, in a relationship when you're not ready for it.

    Not a lost cause right now. You can develop your own life while in a relationship. Start introducing more friends into your life, start developing your own hobbies, literally anything that is an addition to your life so you're not dependant on your partner to entertain you.

  11. Sorry I’m angry and worded that wrong… however, he knew I spent all those hours preparing for him to come and still didn’t show

  12. This was my first thought when she said he was sobbing. Hopefully it means they can work through this if he's able to get therapy

  13. We always talked about wanting to try them out to avoid pregnancy at the moment. We want to have a late wedding and travel so it was just to try to see if we like it. We honestly talked about it a lot and wanted to try one that is made out of great quality so it won’t cause issues. He ordered it on Amazon

  14. Protect him from what? You sound quite unhinged and, by the way, the peanut butter stunt was a felony.

  15. Couples counseling with an abuser doesn’t work – they just manipulate it to heap more abuse. She needs individual counseling to realize how insane her situation is.

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