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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. This is going to sound different than anything you have heard…ask yourself why you feel threatened by her being friends with an ex. God created one man and one woman for each opposite gender…if you are meant to be with her, her love will stay with you…if not it will not…trust your intuition…ask yourself: Is she the one?

  2. You cant really know untill you have a proper convo about it to see if there are any underlying things behind her request, in addition to the practical part, and then test it out if all else is fine.

    My partner and I are different brands of neurospicy and have missmatching sleep schedules. He missed holding me before going to sleep, so he started joining me to bed occationally so he could do that, then get back up when I was dozing off to do his thing. It works for us, even tho that might not work for others. A former coworker of mine didnt on-line with his spouse, they had sold the house and bought two separate appartments instead. Wouldnt work for a lot of people, but was perfect for them.

    The most important part is that you make sure that you and your partner are being clear and honest about needs here. If its just the practicality, and you're already not going to sleep and such together anyway, then it might not change much at all. If there is something else behind her request that she, for whatever reason, doesnt feel comfortable talking about, you might have a bigger problem on your hands that needs attending to.

  3. I think what you can do best is confront the whole situation.

    Get everyone together. Let them know it is a serious conversation.

    Tell them what it is you are seeing. How that behaviour makes you feel. Correct them on any miss truths. Let them know that if they have questions they can contact you personally.

    That you hope that this was a one time incident and won't happen again.

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