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Date: October 6, 2022

16 thoughts on “Antonellaxxx live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. Sounds like she likes the excitement of drama, keeping secrets, and pushing boundaries. Doesn’t sound good to me but see it for what it is. And decide if you’re good with it. Im betting there will be more stuff like that over time.

  2. Talk to her.

    It would be a good idea to be gentle and reassuring. It would be so easy for her to take it as you finding her undesirable. If she blows up or gets angry, don't match her energy. Stay calm. Stay understanding. Come in loving and go out loving.

    I would be more concerned about her potentially having an ED. So that's more reason to be calm and understanding. There should be some articles out there on how to approach this particular topic.

    There could be other problems that affect her appetite too.

    Does she regularly see a doctor or mental health professional?

  3. You start packing your things and make your 2023 New Years resolution to not talk to her again. Don’t stay with a cheater, which is what she’s doing. Things are clearly physical but even if they weren’t it’s still emotional cheating and she’s lying, if you caught her once meeting with him how many times have you not caught them?

  4. I would totally get the ick as well. It suggests that he's not interested in pursuing anything serious.His friends are comparing him to Leo, someone who is getting a rep for being creepy.

    However, id give him an opportunity to explain himself – ask if he would have swiped right if he knew your real age, has he ever dated anyone hisage, how long did his longest relationship last and why did his last relationship end.

    If at any stage you feel he isn't being honest, if he avoids answering or deflects – you will have your answer.

  5. No empathy for his situation. People in these comments act as though because they don’t agree with his feelings they aren’t valid.

  6. I understand what you’re saying. I won’t deny that most of what you said isn’t stuff that I already know.

    There are moments when she’ll do something wrong and I kind of just address the problem and get over it. I’m a very forgiving person. I don’t like to waste time holding grudges. Life is too short for that and you never know when you’ll see someone for the last time.

    Whenever she’s upset, she believes that I’m not empathetic and barely listen to how she feels. Mainly because, like I said, I ramble on, start defending myself, trying to prove her wrong, and cut her off when I feel she’s saying things that aren’t true. Do you think that it’s a bad trait? Or am I justified in how I feel?

    One thing that I failed to mention was that she’s also aware of how she acts. She even told me that she’s toxic. That’s part of the reason why she doesn’t want to get back into a relationship with me yet. She feels like she would rather grow and develop as a person before we get together. She told me not long ago that if we get back together she’s going to eventually do the same thing. There are moments when we’d talk about this stuff and she’d say something like “I really don’t want to lose you. But if you decide to find someone else I won’t blame you.” Or “I hope you never lose the feelings you have for me. But you deserve better.”

    I may sound cliche for saying this, but I really do see something in her that she fails to see in herself. She’s beautiful inside and out. When we aren’t arguing, we’re really at peace with each other. There’s nothing to worry about between us. Until she overthinks and start assuming that I’m like other guys. I’m sure if I tried I can just leave and find someone else relatively easy. I’m a good person and I’m a pretty decent looking guy as well. But there’s qualities that I like about her that’s different than most women nowadays.

    Her moving on and shopping for other men is something that I’m not worried about. She a very honest person who wants love just as much as I do. But she feels like she needs to “heal”. She told me that she doesn’t want to get into a relationship with me and keep breaking up with me over small stuff. She wants us to last and to be less toxic.

    But “years” to heal?? That’s doing too much. Maybe after college since we’ll be done in one more semester. School is stressful so once that’s over, maybe we’ll be more mentally prepared for each other. Maybe. I don’t know.

  7. I don’t think so. It’s a lifetime subscription so even if I return the laptop and get another one I’ll still be able to access to my word account 🙂

  8. Most couples that survive infidelity only do because the cheater takes responsibility, confesses, and does everything they can to repair the relationship.

    You didn’t cheat and there’s nothing you can personally do to fix this, he has to want it himself and be willing to to work for it. Which does not seem like the case, honestly. I’m sorry.

  9. I wasn’t crying for making him to do whatever I asked. I was crying because I felt really sad about this and the way he treated the whole situation. That’s all.

  10. Delete the app, if they bitch tell them you are dumping the phone and getting your own.

    So what they lose money.

  11. The fact that you actively abused someone by your own admission is disturbing enough in itself, the fact you feel you need to reconnect with your victim means you are more likely missing the abuse you subjected him to as opposed to missing the friendship because there was never a legitimate friendship. You need psychiatric support, the next time you abuse this person it could end up so severe you end up with a criminal record. Watch Glenn Close in fatal attraction.. you’re her.. and that is not something to aspire to.

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