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  1. This^ 100%. Even if it's just a date with one sister… who's the more laid back one? Who has some things in common with your fiancé? Has she bonded with one of them over something in the past?

  2. Only 26 years old, and he doesn't want to do anything you like, try anything new, or bring you on his trips. He isn't there for you when you're sick. He just seems to want a female body in his life for his convenience. This isn't much of a relationship for you.

    You're not fine. It seems fine because you see him so infrequently. The rest of the time this relationship is just a fantasy in tour head.

  3. I read his post earlier today. Since they have been together they have cooked meals together and go shopping. And because she was sick in bed, he felt sad that he was doing things on his own.

  4. During the argument he was very defensive, and despite me saying several times that I understand what he is saying I was caught off-guard at the moment because he had never mentioned anything of the sort before despite me asking about it several times, and that I needed some time to process this (I get quiet and a bit introspective when I’m processing my thoughts).

    He then proceeded to say he’s been great to me, he’s been very respectful, very caring (which is all true) and that I shouldn’t be upset. I agreed he’s all that, but told him I was feeling a bit hurt and I needed to digest this emotionally as I didn’t want to make this a huge argument. I repeated this for the two hours of the argument, until I decided I would return home that evening instead of next morning as I had a lot of luggage to carry with me.

    He did not like it and said I was acting childish, and that I couldn’t ask for him to be honest with me and then react badly when he does. I don’t think I reacted badly, I was emotional as I felt like I overstepped his boundaries (even though I didn’t know they were there), and I was just silent/ processing things. I didn’t shout/ accuse him or anything, rather agreed with what he was saying.

    It was good to read in your comment about the time he might’ve had to process and assess how he’s feeling. It helps me put things in perspective, and I do truly understand him and I think it was a fair point to raise.

    Thank you for your advice

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