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  1. Not really? One in just graduating high school and maybe going to college and one is already In a career at 24. Not the same life stages at all.

  2. Thanks for the reply. She doesn't want to wait – either marry or breakup, even though I had made no promise to marry this soon / this year (which she doesn't like). If I can't wait, should I just break up?

  3. It’s fair to revisit how you split expenses when someone gets a new job, but a passive aggressive comment is not it . It was a bit unfair of him to make that comment, as it seems you have upheld your end of whatever the prior arrangement was, and if he was unhappy with the way you guys were splitting things he was free to bring it up at any point before this.

    You need to sit down, have a conversation, and come to an agreement that you both feel is fair. The “I pay this bill, you pay that bill” system gets murky, as bills can fluctuate month to month and it’s easier to perceive an imbalance if he sees the bills he pays, but doesn’t see what you’re paying and vice versa. You’re better off looking at your shared expenses as a whole and coming to a percentage split. The fairest way to do this is income-based. So, for instance, if his income is 55% of your combined income and your income is 45% of the combined income- you split all the bills 55/45.

  4. I find that in the rare instances when a relationship advice post is not fiction, it tells you by definition all you need to know about the poster that they are ostensibly seeking advice on Reddit.

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