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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. It's your call on whether or not to ask it now.

    Knowing that you likely will want to be intimate again someday, it may be good to get it out of the way now so that you don't have to deal with the awkward and painful situation of bringing it up in the heat of the moment. It would also probably be nice to just be able to put things behind you, so you don't have to think about it later.

    Then again, I can understand not wanting to pile on more to the already intense dynamic you're both in right now, and wanting to tackle it later. Again, it's up to you. Both options are okay.

    These are normal, healthy things to talk about, and though they may be nude to navigate, it's important to talk about them. – this last part is words from my wife.

  2. Where do they meet to make music? If it’s at his house she is probably there often and this is why she is comfortable doing this. If so then tell him to invite his friend over to your house. Talk to your husband again about the situation (no accusation) and tell him that you didn’t like what she did and you prefer he had less contact with her If he complains tell him it’s not the first time she did this ( example of the other woman who complained about the same thing) and that her husband was married when they started the affair. you have two good points there to show him she can’t be trusted.

  3. welp doesn’t matter. i changed my mind and wanted to get back with her but then she said she doesn’t want to get back with me anymore

  4. How have you handle it for years before? Why does it matter now?

    You probably just do it with the kids and ignore him.

  5. He doesn't want more than friendship so what more is there to be said? If you can't accept just being friends then you should tell him that and then move on.

  6. Everyone is saying take him to court, but I sincerely doubt even in small claims you’d be able to recoup the $6.5k you’re expecting (?). Plus the time and stress to get that all done and maybe not even get much out of it.

    I would take the $1.5k and break up with him; move on.

    Insurance would have given close to nothing for the car anyways even if it was covered.

    Lesson learned (hopefully). A couple thousand dollars is a lot when you’re 20, but if it prevents more expensive problems down the line then it’s not so bad of a loss.

  7. The accuracy lmao. Puerto Rican dating a white guy but luckily he’s not THIS bad. But he is a little spoiled and never wants to settle for less to save money.

  8. I told that there no way I would do all that for one of my female friends and I told her that I was feeling uncomfortable with this situation. As I was saying this two guys were blowing up her phone and she made plans with them in front of me. I feel bad as they’re were friends before she meet me and first I don’t wanna say anything but I didn’t like it form the beginning. I do love her but I don’t wanna keep seeing her if this continues

    OP, I'm sorry to say the relationship has already died. We can look at it and say “yeah, that's a corpse” but only you can call time of death.

    There is no magic way for you to make her change her behavior. To be fair, you started dating her with this behavior already in place, so it's you who have changed expectations. Be that as it may, your expectations have changed and you've said it directly: you don't want to keep seeing her if this continues.

    Love is only the price of admission to a relationship.

  9. She probably didn’t say anything because she knew it would hurt you, and that you’d be reacting to it the same as you are now. The bottom line is, you literally had to dig back YEARS to find something like this, which means for the whole of your relationship, she’s been faithful.

  10. He needs to leave, not stalk her. She’s still lying and clearly talking to her affair partner. Your friend should track an attorney down, not his cheating, lying wife.

  11. That green, green grass he thought he saw over the fence turned out to be badly painted green concrete.

    As everyone here has said, block him and move on.

    And just consider that as far as his life is concerned, you were the high point and for him, it's all downhill from here.

  12. He’s emotionally dating her %1000 and unfortunately he’s just physically dating you.

    Putting it bluntly, he’s not ‘the one’ for you, he’s emotionally ‘spoken for’


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