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Date: September 29, 2022

10 thoughts on “FiOnee live sex chats for YOU!

  1. OP clearly thought she should be shattered over him not wanting her Fact is she clearly couldn't care less Bruised ego OP? ?

  2. You might have what my gf has, she uses a medical cream inside her vagina to basically have the muscles relax. The doctor told her it's her subconscious tightening her muscles for no reason

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  4. Again if you don’t see how wrong it is and how creepy it is to chase after teenagers and that the freaking law needs to explicitly tell you that, then you’re still a fucking creep. I’m sure you and OP love those sites that have countdowns for underage celebrities girls for when they turn 18. Gotta know when it is legally okay to sexualize them!

  5. I understand it is difficult to believe but it is real… I think we have always been strongly united and we have mixed feelings: me with the breakup with my wife and them with their relationship situation…

  6. First of all, he’s jealous and controlling of you- being insecure about you leaving him for someone else and going through your personal stuff is very controlling and abusive. Then, he’s wanting an open relationship, most likely because he’s been seeing or at least interested in sleeping with someone specifically. I would dump him on all those levels. He’s not respectful of you at all, insecure and already cheating basically.

  7. “The relationship was toxic”

    This alone says you should move on. You need no other reason to leave.

    Find a loving relationship built on trust

  8. You should have the morals to send a check every month for a respectable amount of money. No, it doesn't matter that you sometimes have your children.

  9. If he’s consistently cheating on you- he was never “really good to you” or “really loved you” with 12 women!! How would you feel if someone did that to your sister or mother? Would you tell me why them to run or maybe he’ll change? You deserve better than you’re allowing yourself to have. Go somewhere far n recreate yourself. Please!

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