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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Do something she can eat, like something she can wear like a big hoodie, and like a photo that’s framed or a personal gift that can’t be bought

  2. Exactly. Unless this is what you want your children to learn is normal in intimate relationships, you need to leave. This is already harming them. How much worse do you want it to be? And if she kills you, who's going to protect your children?

  3. I must sound like a broken record at this point but I'm no where close to being 40+ yet I'm “complaining” because it's fking weird, same with cougar women who mess with young dudes. Sad to think that once I hit 30 I can't care about other gals because I'll be seen as jealous. And old men are missing out, milfs are god tier, but old dudes though? funny enough the closest prn category for old men is “ugly bastard” lmao

  4. He told me that he went down on me this morning so nothing will ever good enough for me. ????

    He did one thing so you would actually enjoy yourself too and not be in pain so he thinks he shouldn't need to do so again and saying otherwise implies nothing will ever be good enough? That fucking gaslighting tho Look at it from his perspective?! Dude is literally only looking at it through his perspective, and without considering you, your comfort, or your pleasure in the slightest.

    I hate tell you this but you are being used. You shouldn't have to have a fucking medical condition and beg to get your partner to do something the way you like it. Also at 30 years of age, the insistence of a shower right beforehand is ridiculous. Dude needs to grow tf up and learn to either be considerate of you or just go fuck himself…. Literally.

  5. If all she wants is someone to echo that she's right without context

    How can there be any wrong in going no contact, though? For any reason or no reason? What context would be needed? Are you saying that there must be a specific reason for deciding to go no contact? Beyond “I don't want to talk to this person anymore”? Are you suggesting that there are acceptable reasons and unacceptable reasons?

  6. That speaks volume about your wife's character. and maturity.

    However, you married someone five years older than your oldest. Less than 10 years older than your youngest (at the time).

    I think this is what some people might call “coming to the nuisance.” At the age of 36/37, you, a father of three, impregnated a 22/23-year-old almost woman.

    I feel sorry for your kids. The older 3 and the younger 3, too.

    Get your wife some therapy, or a class/experiences that can help her build some confidence and get a little life experience. Her insecurity and immaturity will be detrimental to your “older” kids. You will ruin your good co-parenting relationship, and your wife will still be upset, because she is the problem. Not your relationship with your other kids' mom.

  7. just imagine a life with her at your side , this is bullshit no matter what , even if she says hes not going I would run as fast and as far as possible

  8. I’ve been on the receiving end of this; this is the bullshit behaviour that leads us to feeling hopeless and we start gaslighting ourselves because they make us feel so bad or psycho or crazy, or jealous and insecure—because those words get thrown around a lot when being accused of shit.

    Poor OP needs to leave this dude. Sounds toxic as fuck

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