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  1. If she wants this to happen, then it is on her to set up circumstances under which you will feel comfortable going through with it.

    If she is in fact as trustworthy in the respect you need as she claims, then signing the contract should be the merest clerical formality, and she should be only too happy to sign it, because it means you will then be comfortable enough to give her what she is requesting. Instead she’s choosing to interpret your request as character assassination. It sounds like she is not mature enough to embark on this.

  2. You're already far too negative about the events that occurred to be able to look at the interactions you wrote about and have the feelings you do about it.

    As far as the first interaction where you wanted to talk about work and your boyfriend wanted to focus on his hobby, this isn't anyone's fault. He almost certainly watching the television before you started talking to him. It is perfectly reasonable that his focus remains on the what it was already giving attention to and you're well aware of this being a general no-no. If you want to know how, then I ask you if you make a habit of trying to start conversations with people who are looking at their phones for example. We humans know that the chances of attention being given when already focused on someone or something else is low. The result you got shows what normally happens.

    This does not mean that you do not want to communicate with him, nor does it mean that you're wrong for trying to get his attention. It just means that your expectations are out of line with what you would expect of any other random person. You demand more from him because you think he's got to be more than normal, he must be abnormally attuned to wanting to listen to you. Even if he were in most cases, you'd select times where he is more focused and point at those to prove that he doesn't care about you. And that's simply not fair because it's not human.

    As for the incident with the his friend and his ex, again, both you and your boyfriend are reacting off of one another. His exaggerated response the second time after making eye contact with you showing your disapproval is normal. He wanted to be emphatic for your sake and yet in your mind he did so because of lingering feelings over his ex. Again neither person is at fault for the miscommunication, you both were trying to do your best, but the signals you sent to show it are being second guessed. Normally calmer heads would recognize that the ways in which both parties acted are logical and reasonable, it's only your feelings that convince you that there is manipulation going on.

  3. You should talk about yourself to someone who will actually listen to you and value the things you say.

    I don’t want to sound mean but your boyfriend seems kinda self-centered and uncaruing. Okay maybe a little mean. Go and find a better salmon

  4. Problem is, there may be a time where if she doesn't tell you, someone else will, in front of you and her. Yes, someone close to both of you has seen them…over and over again and wonders if she reacts the same way or more intensely with you, than with her fellow actors. And, it is kind if that person considers them actors, or is it? For the seed of doubt is, when did the act stop? How can anyone be sure.

  5. “you can do it I just don't want to see it” is a pretty reasonable arrangement that I've had in previous relationships. At the same time it feels like her plan of not doing anything about it isn't going to work. Y'all need to sit down properly and discuss the issue as equals. I don't think grovelling is a good strategy because it's gonna make her feel like she needs to put her feelings aside for yours. You need to come at this appreciating how she's feeling and trying to come up with a compromise. And if it means you can only master bate when she's not in the house then that's just what you might have to do for the sake of your relationship

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