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Date: September 23, 2022

13 thoughts on “kikievega

  1. OP big respect for being real with her, honestly it sounds like that talk was on point, not making her feel like the bad guy but trying to get her to be respectable.

  2. Clearly you are young and live in the same place as your family.

    For a lot of people, we have very small support networks, 1-2 friends who are close enough you could ask them to do this. All it takes is for them to have obligations and all of a sudden you’re shit out of luck.

  3. Real men value their partner's feelings and opinions. This isn't the 1600s. Anyone who acts as he does here should be shown the door.

  4. Your husband leaves dog pee and poo laying around? So he’s neglecting the dog and leaving the poor thing to shit itself regularly? Man, dogs will take a bullet for you, what a way to treat noble creatures. I would get banned if I said what I thought of your husband.

    Intensive counseling and actual change, or divorce.

    And give your dog extra tlc.

  5. This ^ its disgusting she put a used thong with clean panties though I've done similar when I thought a guy I was hooking up with may be cheating. ei: wearing something glittery in his car(glitter never leaves lmao) or leaving a mark of lipstick just out of his area, but where if you were a passenger princess you'd see it most certainly or a nail polish bottle or once a whole pod and an alto(I still grieve the wasted money on that nic?)

  6. i understand that i may not get much of an answer, but i also know that there is no ideal answer anyway. the closest thing to “ideal” would be to have my suspicions confirmed, cause then i could more easily categorize her as someone who sucks and isn't worth my energy. this is something i need to do either way, but it would certainly be a shortcut lol. i'm more concerned about whether bringing it up would put my friend in an uncomfortable position or if that's just a normal friend thing to ask

  7. Grow up. Break up and kick him out. He could claim it was a gift. Purposely damaging something over a certain dollar amount is considered a felony (the dollar amount depends on the state. Some are as low as $500). A misdemeanor could also pop up.

  8. She is (poorly) communicating her need for sexual attention and fulfillment. You guys just need to sit and communicate directly, make a plan and stick to it.

  9. My original statement stands.

    I would be more interested in what's ON the extra phone, rather than what's connected to the wee-fee

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