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  1. Dude K rejected you! Why should you or S have asked if K was ok with you guys dating? Wtaf, why would she have any input in your collective decision/s. I read comments and feel like I fell into an alternate reality where people have to appease the people who treat them badly or reject them. No neither of you owe K anything, if her rejection was some kind of game/ shit test to get you to prove yourself. She fucked up! Games are not for everyone and only she is to blame for the position she finds herself. Anything else makes K a complete wanker who love’s company!!!!

  2. “I understand that you think our shared history entitles you to my friendship. However, I do not want to be friends. I want you to leave me alone.”

  3. Shoot your shot then. You’re probably right. And she’s already decided to hang with you outside of what is necessary so that’s not a terrible sign. It might be more than what she wants, but let her tell you that and if she does tell you, respect that and move on.

    Her telling you about other guys hitting on her might be her trying to signal to you that she’s not interested in THEM. But is interested in you. However, it could also mean she doesn’t want everyone hitting on her all the time.

    I don’t think there’s any harm in asking here from what you’ve said. Best of luck

  4. Tell him you've met someone special you've fallen in love with, and you should really cool off things with him because your new man is a tad jealous.

  5. Your brother is in charge of scheduling his wedding, right? Why would he do it on the same day as your graduation? Do the times overlap?

  6. See a therapist. Don’t try to block out these thoughts. Accept that you are having them but that you are not your thoughts and they are just thoughts. Counter them with evidence to disprove them. Practice mindfulness such as mediation. Explore possibility of this steaming from underlying concerns of where the relationship is going.

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