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  1. I understand that it may feel bizarre or uncomfortable, but I would argue that your relationship is currently making you feel much worse than that. If therapy has even a slim chance of helping, grab that chance. In discussing to go to therapy, make sure your partner understands how important this is to you, don't pull any punches.

  2. Cause OP states like it was a great memory they share. But their first anniversary literally happened two months ago, cause they started dating 14 months ago.

  3. Yeah, wow. I feel for her husband, no wonder he treats her like a roommate. Hopefully he wakes up and leaves this shitty marriage.

  4. He's the huge AH for being a completely selfish partner in bed and not making sure that you have your pleasure, too. Real men make sure that their partners are extremely satisfied in bed and are physically ready for penetrative sex.

    Since we're talking about his selfishness, what else is he selfish about in the relationship?

    I also agree with the age/experience gap.

  5. For her to not be an asshole when she made the deliberate choice to have kids with someone who already had kids.

    Would she be ok with him tossing her kids aside if they divorce?

  6. Is my anger justified? Why am I feeling so hurt? Is there any other way out?

    Being stopped halfway through, especially in such an angry way is going to feel embarrassing and is going to hurt if you think everything was all going well.

    It's worth looking at how you approach initiating, making it clear that he needs to… AND can communicate his needs there and then without feeling cajouled into sex he doesn't want. You will need to read things closer with him than you would others. If you ever start initiating then it may be a case of going less than halfway and waiting for him to cover the rest of the distance if he is interested.

    Also, how you phrase things may need to change. ie: The difference between “I want you to do x” and “Do you want to do x?”

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