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Date: September 30, 2022

11 thoughts on “Tiffah on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Trust me that you've not been in this for very long, but my friend had a girlfriend like this and he's still recovering from how she treated him over a long period.

    She would:

    Verbally and physically attack him for not spending all his time with her, even if that time was in work

    Would sic her friends on him about how HE was mistreating her when he asserted himself

    Your gf is following both of these patterns and let me tell you: YOU CANNOT CHANGE THIS

    She is a textbook abuser, and you are not her first and will not be her last victim. You just need to run and free yourself from the illusion that she's a nice person

  2. Yeah maybe you are right. I have multiple friends from tinder tho who I went to dates with but either one really felt anything romantic/sexual so decided to be friends. And its been like that for years with maybe 4-5 people. Idk how Steve feels about me after just meeting me once so maybe it would be hot for everyone if I stayed in touch with him, which is a shame cuz he was actually really nice. Just not romantically interested.

    Its not really a problem to just cut ties with Steve but how do I bring this up with Mark so he understands? Does it sound confusing if someone you have talked to for a while says they want to have a relationship but not be exclusive even tho being that at the same time just without the label? Idk if 2 months is too little to say stuff like that since we havent talked any heavy or complicated.

  3. He asked a few times, but I was over at her house, then decides to say shes gonna go over the second I leave out of town, I agree I think I am overblowing this and being insecure, but few weeks ago, asked if she wanted to go out with me, she said she was busy at work, then posted a snap at a frat party. Thank you for the help

  4. Him saying “I'll do anything in the relationship if we have sex every day” and saying he has to have it because of high testosterone.

    Those are manipulative tactics.

  5. Thank you for your views on this, it’s really interesting for me to see. I struggle with the “targeting” thing because I don’t think he had a clue how young I was at first. We just met in passing in the venue and it kinda happened. Maybe I’m being naive

  6. Humans are animals with an innate drive to reproduce. If that weren’t the case, a lot fewer people would have children and way fewer than that would have multiple children.

    I’ll tell you this as a parent of 2 kids who were pretty much as good as kids can be: the unvarnished truth is that parenthood is really, really hot. Way harder in terms of the daily grind than you could ever imagine. I say this as an extremely fortunate person who had zero financial problems and a spouse who has always done far more than his fair share. My experience was a cushy as it gets, and it was still so, so very hot. It’s a situation that requires that you put someone else’s needs ahead of your own for decades, and there’s no real “reward” for your efforts. If you do a really good job, they leave! Too, they are heart-stoppingly expensive, and surprise expenses come up eternally.

    I think that people go into parenting with a lot of vague ideas about how much fun it will be & that it will just be this giant snuggle-love fest. It’s not that. Only have a kid if your rational (not reptilian-must-reproduce) brain thinks that the best possible allocation of your time, energy, and resources is raising another human being.

    As an aside, have you been paying attention to the predictions regarding climate change? That alone would make me extremely hesitant to have kids today.

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