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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. Not really. It's just a fact. The circumstances around OP losing her V status are abhorrent, and no one should ever have to experience that. But facts are facts, despite how people feel.

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  3. How many years were you shopping for this ring? maybe she got tired of waiting. I don't blame her for keep her options open if you haven't make some serious commitment after 8 years. She is risking way more than you by waiting so long.

    That said cheating is always an obvious red flag but only you know her enough to know whether this is salvageable or not.

  4. IMO, no. You’re grieving, and you get to do that however you need to. You aren’t being disrespectful of her, you aren’t hurting anyone, so it’s okay. It may take a while, but doing it your way is the quickest, most effective route to healing your heart.

  5. This excuses wont help the dead or the family left behind. This is the same as drunk driving. No excuse.

  6. It’s hot to say because we don’t know your relationship at all. There could be a lot of info you’re leaving out. Or it’s possible she’s just not into it anymore and decided to be rude about it. Everyone’s immediately going to her being an asshole so I’m going to flip the script and ask:

    Has she ever mentioned that she needs space from you? Maybe she feels “smothered” and after she said she wanted time with her friends, you showed up and bulldozed over her request. Therefore this being the last straw.

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