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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. F(24) my husband M(25) and I have a son who is a few days shy of being 1 years old, but he doesn’t cry without a reason. Teething HURTS. It causes itching, burning, and sometimes horrible sinus pressure and mucus buildup. My son has gotten ear infections from teething. I give him Motrin and or Tylenol when I have to, and I have him eat things that soothe his gums (like teething crackers, veggie puffs, etc.) but sometimes because of his age and the lack of the ability to speak sentences and the lack of the ability to convey feelings, he gets upset and cries or yells for me or my husband because he doesn’t know what else to do. I’ve taught him to say “this” and “that” and point, but even that only helps so much. Patience with children is a virtue.

    I can honestly say his reaction is 100% out of line and is pathetic from an adult. Whether he likes children or not or whether he’s been around children or not. I wouldn’t trust someone like that anywhere near my son tbh, and if I were you, if you ever want a child, I would run and find a man who is loving and understanding towards children.

    Also, people grow and blossom together in HEALTHY relationships. You’re not trying to change him, you’re trying to redirect him and help him grow as a person. My husband and I began dating at 18 and 19, and I can assure you we have grown immensely since those days, and have plenty more room to grow. We all do. No matter how young or old we are, we have room to grow and change and become better than we were yesterday.

    He sounds like a “me me me” person. He’s narcissistic. If it’s not about him and if it doesn’t accommodate him, f*** it all. Does that sound right? I had an ex like that. He became abusive… Like I said, run. That’s what I would do.

  2. These people just seem to be too fundamentally different. Changing her current behavior isn't going to be enough for this guy. Her past of selling her ass when she didn't even have a need to do so is a pretty big deal and it's going to online rent free in this guy's head for as long as he's with her. That's just the way it is.

  3. My partner is 8 years older. He never belittles or coerces me. If anything he looks up to me and always asks me how I want to be theated (he says he is man an men dont understand hints so he better asks :p). Not every age gap is a problem.

  4. Teenagers do idiot impulsive things. It’s when people cheat on their partners as fully formed adults that you learn it’s in their nature

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  6. This smells of not real. I’ve never heard a woman displeased with a turtleneck. Only men worried about it.

  7. He's half right. Your eating disorder is not a good reason for not working out, but working out won't cure the disorder by itself. You need treatment from a medical professional.

  8. Yeah… you seem to not want any advice at all. Better go ahead an plan your funeral, get your ducks in row. You stay with him and continue taking meth so you might as well make things easier for your family once your inevitable end has come.

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