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Vivien (but Vivi for friends), ❤️?, 18 y.o.


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Vivien (but Vivi for friends), ❤️? online sex chat

Date: October 2, 2022

30 thoughts on “Vivien (but Vivi for friends), ❤️? the hard live sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. That your bf has started (or was it always happening?) using emotional manipulation tactics against you to demean you, kill your self-esteem, and try and make you dependent on him alone.

    The whole, “you can't do better than me” to demean your self-esteem, the “you should be grateful” TO hurt you and make you emotionally dependent on him… yeahhhhhh… if it's just starting, run. If it's always been happening, you should have run sooner.

  2. Nowadays the border between “hopeless man” and “loyal man” is a bit blurry I guess… I believe the major difference between hopeless and loyal is that loyal man still have dignity, and self confidence while hopeless man… is just hopeless–will do anything to get her back even though it will degrading himself.

  3. Lesson learned. Cause now she can pretend that she has the moral high ground and you crossed a boundary first and created a problem. When in actuality you are an adult who is free to date whomever you want and have whomever you want over in your personal space.

  4. I suppose everyone has their own opinion of what cheating is. You might have different opinions to it. It's up to you to decide whether you disagree so strongly with his opinion that you can't move forward with this relationship, or that it's something you can work around. In that case you could apologize and tell him you didn't realize he considered that cheating, and that you two need to figure out a definition of cheating you can agree on.

  5. Tell her to call you if she ever feels like it and get on with your life.

    YOu dont know what happened that weekend, take it as such and move on.

  6. I mean, he tried to be polite about it but you persisted so he told you. It’s his choice who he dates just like it’s your choice. I think this is one where you both just need to go your separate ways. Easier said than done, I know.

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  8. he deserves better than you. probably gonna get hate for saying that. but if you were willing to do what you say you did, he is too good for you anyway, you deserve what you ended up with.

  9. Are you kidding you spoiled brat? 20k for a house and a property. Get fucked. You don't deserve this shit at all.

    Give him the $1000 you idiot.

  10. I think they meant, if you can brush off him leaving you without warning as an impulsive decision, then why can’t he brush off your ONS as an impulsive decision as well?

  11. She needs a mountain of therapy not a boyfriend

    Are you absolutely certain this is the gel for you? I mean ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN because my man that is an absolutely insane situation and you’re in way over your head from the sounds of it

  12. Again, you are either deliberately misreading the OP and my comments, or are unable to understand the difference between not disclosing something (which is entirely her prerogative), and deliberately telling a lie.

    Not telling him she’s seeing someone else because it’s a new friendship/relationship/not yet exclusive, is fine. Actively making a statement of “I’m not seeing anyone else” is a lie.

    It’s not a case of how long or deep the relationship is. It’s about being an honest person, or a dishonest one. By your definition it’s fine to actively lie to anyone and everyone until there’s a sufficiently deep connection. That is not how society works. The social contract is that we are fundamentally honest in our dealings with others, but keep things superficial with relative strangers and disclose more deeply as we become closer to people.

    She didn’t have to tell him anything. But she chose to tell him. And what she told him was a lie.

  13. Yes. But let's compare this to OP, where this is part of a pattern of behaviour. A pattern her bf can't deal with anymore. If OP wasn't seemingly hoarding this like the other items, he wouldn't care. That is the context, not just one incident.

  14. Honestly, if I meet someone and we don’t align in that regard, then it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been dating – we’re incompatible and shouldn’t waste our time together. It’s okay to think about those things early on.

  15. OK, first the legal disclaimer: I'm not a medical doctor and nothing I say can or should be construed as medical advice.

    From what I have seen, antidepressants are the likely problem here. And am I right in my understanding that you probably shouldn't be drinking alcohol while on this medication?

    I'm also a little worried that you have been on antidepressants for such a long time. They can be great for treating people who are having major depressive episodes to prevent them from committing suicide, but I wouldn't consider them a “long term treatment plan.” I'm sure there are many differences of opinion here, and I'm not trying to force my view as the right one. However, I would encourage you to see what you can do to start weaning yourself off of that medication. You might want to consult with a doctor who specializes in this type of thing.

    For the record, I have studied the topic of human sexuality (including sexual desire and sex drive) for a few years. In general, most sexual disorders are caused by issues that are psychological in nature. Depression itself is one possible cause of a low sex drive. I thoroughly reject the idea that depression is chemical, and I think this has finally been officially debunked. I therefore think it's worth looking into healing your depression from a psychological angle. Antidepressants only treat (cover up) symptoms; they don't cure you.

  16. So, this man. Does he tell you nice things? Give you compliments? Buy you presents? Claim that he doesn't usually date people as young as you but that you're special because you're much more mature than your peers?

  17. Lmao God why did this make me laugh so much! I wanted to type it bt i thought id be too mean to say tht. .

    But have u seen 90day fiancé u have whole 50yolds sending money to people they've never met or spoken to on the phone for longer than 1 minute.

    People want to believe the shit in their heads. I would never waste my time like this. For 2 MONTHS?!!!

  18. The Torah is a collection of books. It is absolutely possible to study it like you study any other book. I have personally taken many Torah as literature classes where we discuss the literary devises, symbolism, cultural context of the editors, etc.

  19. Maybe try toys and think of learning to pleasure your wife with them as a hobby. I’m not always in the mood to have sex, but if I have the energy I help my partner by using toys and doing role play sometimes. It’s still really intimate without having penetrative sex.

    Also cognitive behavioral therapy is specifically useful for people with ADHD, if you want to look into it. You can find workbooks, sometimes for free online, or you can see a cognitive behavioral therapy specialist if you prefer to talk out your problems.

  20. I often feel the need to hide things (even mundane things like what food I eat)

    This is a sign of abuse. If the genders were reversed I doubt folks would be missing this huge red flag about your wife.

  21. You don’t really name anything you like about this relationship. Why not just end the whole thing and figure your own stuff out?

  22. Oh yeah how much does sunshine hurt! I've got green eyes and it suucks. There's nothing special about green or blue eyes.

  23. I think the posts were “wish we could’ve made it” not “we could’ve made it”. OP had a type. “Issues”=“wishes”

  24. I think all this boils down to the manner in which she removed herself. If she did it without causing a scene, without “sulking”, then yeah it's healthy. If she's did anything to cause a scene, to cause the environment to become uncomfortable and tense, that is unhealthy. Ignoring toddlers being friendly seems pretty unhealthy imo.

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