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Date: September 29, 2022

21 thoughts on “Cristalsmith online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Please, whenever you do decide to have sex, do at least use a condom. Even better if she is also on some type of hormonal birth control (pill or nuva ring). Don't think you can skip out on that because you diagnosed yourself as sterile (do check with your doctor – probably some other issue). It's not just to prevent pregnancies, but also STDs. You really don't want either of those.

  2. If you feel it, may as well say it! You’re pretty young, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to say I love you quickly. Like my fiancé and I started dating as 17yo’s and said I love you after a few weeks. Been together 8 years no

  3. Yeah I know what you’re saying! Look I wouldn’t jump in this quick, it’s to risky for yourself, that’s because her feelings for her ex will still out way her feelings for you. Making her vulnerable to leave. I mean if she was with anyone else this soon, it would likely be a fling.

    But yes, don’t stop hanging out with her and still be really flirty just don’t make a move. She will become more open after the 6 month mark. It also gives you time to know and understand her better. Still plan a date just not this early.

  4. No adult should have full access to someone else’s phone

    There is a world of difference between access and usage. Access is a lot different than reading every message.

  5. To be fair 8400 text over ten months breaks down to 27ish text a day both ways, so 10-15 sent and the same received approximately. I have friends that's are chicks that I really hit that number with daily and have never been anything more then friends updating each other about families, lives, kids etc

  6. No, definitely don't wish her happy birthday. She broke up with you, you were thinking of breaking up with her? It's done. Look to the future, it didn't work for either of you

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  8. My husband and I share the account. He introduced me to reddit and let me try it on his account, and it became our account lol . We never had any problem with that, our posts/comments are not a big mystery

  9. If he asks again, do not lend him any more money. Assume that you won't get your $4000 back, and then be pleasantly surprised if/when you do.

    People say that when you lend money, you should do so with the expectation that you will not get it back and this is why. Even if he does sell a script, he probably has other debts to pay that might have bigger ramifications than upsetting a friend, so you may not even get it back then.

  10. OP, i think it’s possible that this could be a root to your problem. if you aren’t actively thinking about why she could be more burnt out than you, then you aren’t going to be able to fully grasp why she’s too burnt out to think about sex.

    comparing your schedules and responsibilities doesn’t have to result in resentment or anger. in fact, it can really benefit a relationship. if you two take the time to sit down and have a conversation about it, i guarantee you can work out a plan that will make you both feel better.

  11. I’m going to be honest here, I think this isnt likely to be a fixable problem. It is sooooo insignificant in time and duration, yet so incredibly meaningful. He sees you as a person who exists to look after him. He sees you as a maid, he likely sees his mother as the person who he loves because she takes care of him, and he sees you in a similar light. He does not respect you. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that’s how I see it. He without thinking handed you his garbage bc he believes you should just deal with it. Then he got defensive when you asked him why he was doing that. He needs a boatload of therapy to address the root reasons he acts that way and views you the way he does, but he is fully unwilling to do aaaany of the work.

  12. The ring is a symbol of the contract to marry, if you don't wed the ring is his. Everything else was a gift to you and is yours, he can F*ck right off.

  13. Congratulations!!!!! This is your achievement and you worked your ass off. Celebrate it. Your brother had 364 other days to choose from, and he chose the day of your graduation. The fact that your family and his fiance support that is disgusting.

    My advice for you is to get into therapy, go no contact with anyone who doesn't show up at your graduation, and online your best life. Don't ever get sucked into their toxic drama again.

    You need the therapy to get past the guilt of cutting your family off. People will try and guilt you for that because they don't understand how destructive toxic families are.

    Congrats again and I wish you the best.

  14. Sorry, but he didn't change his mind. He kept delaying it to keep you around. Now he's saying 5-10 years because he knows it'll be too late by then.

  15. My partner is a big guy, nearly a foot taller and twice my weight when we met, ex bouncer and football player, and he could take me down in a millisecond if he wanted to.

    I like it when he slaps my butt or we have rough sex, or him grabbing my body…shit he even lets me wrestle with him, knowing full well he could overpower me, he just lets me struggle and try my hardest to pin him down, and just bats me around like a cat with a little ball of yarn.

    Man has never so much as left a scratch on me. Just a gentle giant. OP you should feel safe with your partner, not scared or expecting them to hurt you.

  16. Another issue is that we are upgrading from a studio apartment to a one bedroom, and so therefore the rent will go up and he will need help paying.

    What would you do if you both were single? If your bf has been financially supporting you so far….sounds it might be for the best if you move in with family, and him with some roommates so he can save some money, and you can focus on your mental health.

    Are you still in therapy? Have you talked about your rejection with someone? Could you reapply for benefits?

  17. First off.

    You are more than good enough. Taking is SLOW with a man does not devalue you. HE walked into the situation of PAYING someone for sex. Not you. He is the one who crossed a boundary. He is the one who has you now setting your bar for RESPECT like its in hell.

    Secondly. He is USING you. You just got out of an abusive relationship. That means that YOU are unable to see how disgusting and unforgivable this behaviour is from your partner. Yes youre a new couple, but that makes it even more obvious that he is seeing how low he can set that bar. When you’re in a new relationship all you want is your partner.

    Thirdly. Do not bother putting yourself through hell trying to work through this. You will never trust yourself again. You trusted someone before and they abused you. This man is toying with your trauma and your wounds to see how far he can get doing dumb shit with you.

    Leave and don’t waste your breath or life trying to fix a broken man.

  18. Just ignore him, he’s a complete dick and he’s trying to manipulate you. Kick the loser out, there’s nothing to take you to court for

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