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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. I can definitely understand that perspective! And I appreciate your concern. I'm on the other side of the spectrum though, I became a parent very young to say the least and security is right behind love in terms of my relationship priorities. I've met many of adults like what you're talking about but at the end of the day I'm happy(generally) here with him. And as someone who never got to choose happiness for myself I'm doing my best to choose it now. But within my boundaries. So the moment I'm done trying that's it I'm done. I think that's a fair sacrifice for happiness. But thats just me.

  2. It amazes me how people will save other with insults , I just save people with their name even if I hate them

  3. Do it. It might turn out to be a wonderful friendship,,,,, or more 😀 what's the worst that could happen? it's worth the risk.

  4. the communication is going the get WORSE. he's had all this time to just TRY to tell you , and he can't. at this point, he is actively refusing to help the situation and that would be it for me.

  5. Save up and move away, it's not worth it getting revenge. But if you still want to send me a chat, I might be able to help you.

  6. Make sure you communicate. Also, schedule yourselves a date night/date day away from your kids.

    Husband and I met while working retail. We had different schedules. We made sure to check in with each other throughout the day (still do), communicated with each other, and made sure we scheduled in a date (whether it was night or day). We still continues this since I’m WFH, and he travels for work.

  7. I think what he did was probably for the best. I’ve been in his situation before. It just can’t really work. At least from the perspective of someone with a high sex drive, and wants to monogamous. It’s tough.

  8. You don’t continue a relationship with someone that lies to your face. Lies are a real issue. They are not their true self and you don’t know that person. Liars and cheaters are one in the same.

  9. I don't wanna say you're the asshole but you could've just solved your problem with something as simple as: “Hey (friend), good to see you! I'm not feeling so good, so I'm gonna go lay down, but I'll catch you next time! And that was it. 2 sentences stood between you and this problem. Just apologize to your wife.

  10. There is a saying.

    Why is divorce so expensive? Because it is worth every penny.

    So maybe think of it not so much as a horrible cost to be spent, but rather as an investment in the future happiness for you and your daughter. That surely is worth the effort and the money.

  11. Why do you minimize mens' concern or interests while you sit in a place of privilege not ever having that concern? That would be like me trying to tell a black man how it feels when he sees the police pulling him over in the rear view mirror. It's not my experience so I'm in no position to speak on his feelings.

    You can't even intelligently discuss this as a woman because it's something that doesn't affect you. That would be like me trying to tell you what menstrual cramps feel like.

  12. How the hell would you hurt the kids she did by cheating on you this is not yours to fix she has to online with that with the kids…move on brother…you have been had

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